14 October 2009

The Deciding Part of this Semester 2 in College Life...

Today, my mind is wondering how am I gonna get through this semester. 6 subjects to be taken in the final exam, either fail or pass... do or die... no matter how I think more of this, the more I get feared. To overcome this, I maybe getting to enjoy for a moment with someone, or maybe I should go take a break in a holiday destination. Oh Dear... Left 2 weeks... 2 WEEKS!! My fate in this semester lies on my knowledge of how much I can master the subjects. It is not easy since I took this course and getting unlucky for sometime. The electrical and electronic engineering course is quite tough but yet I still survive of getting passes in each test and assignments, and also lab experiments too. I feel not satisfy with my results even I am getting a higher marks than anyone. Now I started feeling the pressure of maintaining my overall marks. Who cares I am better than anyone... everyone is treated equally. I quite don't like to be showing off too much, win or lose is a normal thing. Semester 2... I must get through this... there is no way I can look back already and now is the time to start studying or you will ended up regretting... Good Luck by the way to all my coursemates and all my friends... ^_^

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