26 July 2009

Cost-effective Telephone and Mail Order Merchant Account for Ecommerce

Pivotal E-payments and Versa Pay are cost-effective merchant accounts that offer excellent services for mail order/telephone order e-commerce businesses.

There some online businesses that accept credit card transactions but prefer to process them without the card present. How is this possible? Credit card payments are received either by mail order, fax, or telephone order. There are already merchant accounts that cater this type of credit card processing arrangement and they are what you call mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchant accounts. Many merchants prefer this type of account because it is perceived to be lower risks than accepting payments online.

When choosing a MOTO merchant account, the cost has always been a very important factor. Many choose ones that are economical because they are sure that they can gain more out of it. If you happen to be looking for one, below is a list of cost-effective MOTO merchant accounts:

Pivotal E-payments

Pivotal E-payments is one of the many account providers concentrating in providing online merchants with the merchant services and payment processing that they need in their e-commerce business. They are one of the best to provide excellent solution for MOTO businesses and that is by offering a reliable and affordable MOTO merchant account. Through this, e-commerce businesses can accept credit card payments by mail order, telephone order, or through the Internet. They have high application approval rates. They accept major credit cards internationally with low credit card processing rates. Chargebacks are managed quickly and funds are sent on a daily basis. They also have excellent customer service. With all its perks, you are sure that your business is in good hands.

Versa Pay

Versa Pay also offers excellent and affordable mail order / telephone order merchant account. You are always sure that you can accept and process credit card payments quickly and easily. They offer MOTO merchant accounts that do not need a terminal for payment processing which you can transact over a telephone or even a mobile phone. Any transactions are done by dialing a toll-free number and by entering the credit card number. It is also very easy on the budget because the package only cost $9.95 a month excluding the transaction fees. Setup and training of this merchant account is also free of charge. You can also apply for the MOTO merchant account with a dial-up terminal. In this way, you can process credit cards and accept orders over the telephone. With only $22.99 per month, you have a manual imprinter, free setup and training, 24/7 customer service and support, and no transaction fees. They also offer MOTO transactions via virtual terminal or through a secure online terminal. It does not need any additional hardware, software installations, or extra phone line. Transactions can be accessible from a computer with an Internet.

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