25 July 2009

3 Merchant Account Provider that Offers the Lowest Rate

Increasing your sales that would double your regular profit is possible when one applies for a merchant account provider with the lowest rate. Charge.com, Merchantexpress.com. and Takecardstoday.com are the lowest merchant account providers that offer the lowest rate of transaction expenses, which could save you from all the high transaction fees of having a merchant account.

Many merchant account providers claim to have the lowest transaction rate but they also have many set-up and hidden charges that would you cost more than your monthly fees. If you want to to double your profit more by being save from having to pay for high transaction fees from your merchant account, check out the following merchant account provider:


Charge.com is a credit card merchant account that offers immediate transaction processing, secure socket layer for a secure processing, and a web-base terminal for easy process of manual credit cards order without application fees, set up fees, and lots of paperwork. With free application and set-up you can already accept major credit cards for your sales within 24 hours         upon completion of the online application and approval.


A merchant service provider that gives you everything you need to accept credit cards for your online business with a free payment gateway set-up. They also offer a free set-up fee with a lowest rate that starts at just 1.69% and .19 cents per transaction. Merchantexpress.com is one of the first merchant services providers to offer Internet merchant accounts for ten years. They have thousands of satisfied customers in over 50 states in the U.S. They offer services to setup your business with a merchant account to accept all major credit cards, debit and ATM cards at the lowest possible cost.


Capital Merchant Solutions Inc is a merchant account provider that has been helping retail and small online business for over ten years. They also offer the lowest possible rate of 2.04% plus a .24 cents per transaction fee with a money guaranteed partner program that offers free set-up processing services to your customers. Their rates are guaranteed to save you money on your payment processing needs at the safest and least expense rate possible with no hidden charges.

Always check the kind of services that a merchant account provider offers that best suites to your type of ecommerce business. Select the lowest rate possible and the free charges that they could provide. Also make sure to know specifically the kinds of transaction fees that your paying to avoid hidden charges and over charge transaction fees.

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