21 June 2009

Merchant Accounts for New Online Business

For a new online business, you can use PayPal, 2Checkout and ClickBank to process credit card payments.

A merchant account enables your online business to take credit card payments, thus it is a very important factor for any online business for it to become successful and profitable. With the many benefits of having a merchant account, many online retailers would like to take advantage of this great opportunity. Nevertheless, because some entrepreneurs are new to this line of business, they are not quite sure on what merchant account to use. For this situation, you may want to consider the following merchant account providers as you start your business:


PayPal is a very popular merchant account provider. It has been on this kind of industry for some years now and many have been very satisfied with the services they offer. PayPal offers excellent services to buyers and sellers alike. However, it sure does give online sellers great merchant services they need. It accepts major credit or debit card payments as well as payments coming directly from the buyers’ banks instantly for low transaction fees. It can also be integrated into your online store in minutes without downtime. Account information is also well-kept and secured from any fraud. It is easy to use and affordable too. Businesses can do transactions worldwide because it is accepted internationally.


2Checkout is also a merchant account provider that offers merchant services to online sellers without hassle. It accepts all types of major credit card and even PayPal. It can be integrated with any shopping cart. Application is very easy with high approval rate. You also need not to pay for any monthly fees, gateway transaction fees or gateway fees. You only have to pay for the setup fee for only $49. You also don’t need to have any programming skills to use the account. Set up is done immediately after paying the setup amount. It is open for merchants worldwide.


ClickBank is a merchant account also ideal for first-time online merchants. It offers a secure and reliable credit card payment processing.  Open to all parts of the world, no doubt it will attract customers not just locally but also internationally. It also provides great customer support to all its clients. With a low one-time activation fee of only $49.95, you are given a guarantee that your business payment needs are safe.

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