22 June 2009

Lead Time for Internet Merchant Account Approval

The lead time for getting an approval of an Internet merchant account would completely vary depending on the merchant account providers' efficiency in processing the applications. It would take days to about a month on the average. Although, some are capable of providing instant approvals.

The faster the approval, the more advantageous on the part of the business person because sales are most likely to increase by 80% when one is equipped with an Internet merchant account.

Instant approval

this is offered by a number of merchant account providers. The processing and approval takes about fraction of a day. So long as the applicant is very eligible to be granted with a instant Internet merchant account. There are some online applications that does not even require document requirements at all.

24 hours to a week approval time

on the average, this is the standard processing time for an Internet merchant account application.

Up to one month approval

normally, those applications located outside the vicinity of the merchant account provider's may take about a month to be processed and approved. The application would take this long too if the type of business is categorized as high-risk such as downloading of softwares.

It is advisable to supply the necessary data and requirements to expedite the processing of the application for a merchant account.

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