28 April 2009

Four Important Safety ratings for Operators of Air Charter

Some of the ratings you should look for when selecting a charter operator are charter certification from the FAA, IS-BAO issued ratings, Wyvern issued ratings and ARG/US issued ratings.

One of the most important things you should consider when deciding to fly by charter plane is the safety of the plane. For having a safe and pleasant journey, it is quite significant that you opt for that Boston air charter provider that conforms to the prescribed statutory safety norms. The following are the various organizations which you can check with to learn about the safety ratings for air charter operators.

FAA Certification

The Federal Aviation Administration is the agency focused on managing the various air travel regulations in America. Every aircraft should go through an FAA certification to go through effective inspection and testing. An extensive investigation and certification procedure is conducted by the FAA before it permits an aircraft to operate as a mode of transportation for the general public. It can take months or even years to receive certification from the FAA. New aircrafts have to undergo yearly conformity inspections and half-yearly pilot checks. Which are also overseen by the FAA for a certification. All aircraft must be continually monitored by a local FAA Flight Standards District Office, even though they have already been certified.

IS-BAO issued ratings

IS-BAO is thought to be the best monitored safety guideline for business aircrafts. The International Business Aviation Council formally made it available in May 2002. The International Business Aviation Council is responsible for organizing and establishing safety programs for its members, including access to safety stats, which help identify areas that need to be improved. IBAC’s members are dynamic in finding new ways to improve the safety of their different services. It is observed that certified operators of IS-BAO managed to integrate the so-called safety systems in their operations.

The Wyvern rating system

Wyvern is an independent business firm that deals with the evaluation and approval of private jet charter service providers. They factor in the charter operator’s background, documentation and business practices. Wyvern prides itself on having the best safety record in the industry with no Wyvern-compliant aircrafts ever having been involved in a fatal accident. Wyvern can help you know data on aircraft operations, FAA records, insurance plan, as well as history and details. Wyvern guarantees that these scores are up to date and taken exactly from their electronic databases.

Ratings which are put forth by ARG/US

ARG/US offers consultation and data collection, research and distribution. Access is made available to reviews and ratings of various charter operators. ARG/US classifies its different ratings as either Gold, Gold Plus or Platinum. In addition to getting a corresponding rating, operators can subscribe to ARG/US services. ARG/US’s began to start charging fees in 2009 for all levels of evaluation and rating had not achieved a positive response from the charter operators.

One of your main concerns should be an aircraft charter operator's qualifications and safety measures. Before deciding which aircraft charter service to use, be sure to consider whether the service has been certified and whether the ratings of the service are acceptable.

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