26 April 2009

5 Important Tips That Teenagers Should Follow in Taking Care of Their Skin

When you’re a teen, proper care for the skin is done when you learn what your skin type is, always guard your skin from too much sun exposure, find the right facial cleanser for your skin, keep your skin moisturized, and exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis.

Learning the proper ways of skin care is a concern intended for everybody. Proper care for the skin should be employed especially when you are a teenager. Bodily changes usually take place during the teen stage; therefore, teenagers should learn healthy skin care habits during this time. During your teenage years, you may expect your skin to be oilier and more prone to breakouts. Fortunately, teenagers can achieve healthier skin with the help of a wide range of skin care products such as argan oil skin treatments or even commercialized items. Also, consider the following skincare tips aside from using the right products:

Learn what your skin type is

Taking care of the skin properly can be achieved by learning first the skin type that you have. Choosing skincare products is easy when you know what skin type you have. People with dry skin have skin care products specifically for their skin type, the same goes to people with oily skin.

Shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun

Your skin becomes dry and damaged when you expose it too much to the sun. If you do not protect it from the sun, skin can become dry, red and irritated, burned, and more prone to cancer. Applying sunscreen with at least SPF 15 can protect your skin from the sun, so never forget to use one when you plan to go out in a bright sunny day. Early aging can also be prevented when you protect your skin from the sun.

Use only the right facial cleanser for your skin

Don’t use regular body soap for washing your face or the same bar of soap that you use while you shower. Soaps usually contain harsh ingredients that can cause skin to become dry or irritated. Instead, consider your skin type and the chemical contents when looking for a facial cleanser. This product will help cleanse your skin and remove dirt and excess oil. Wash your face twice a day, preferable in the morning and before bedtime, with the use of the cleanser. It may also be used to remove cosmetics at night.

Keep your skin moisturized

It is a misconception that moisturizers are only for people with dry skin. The benefits of moisturizing can still be enjoyed by people with oily skin by using oil-free or light moisturizing products. To hydrate your skin and keep it safe from the harmful effects of the sun, use moisturizers that already contain SPF. Pat your face with a soft towel and put on the moisturizer once you have washed your face with a facial cleanser. You can choose to moisturize only once every day if your skin is very oily.

Add exfoliation to your weekly skin care routine

If you want deep-cleaned pores, you can try out exfoliating masks. On the other hand, the top and dry layer of the skin and dead skin cells can also be removed by using exfoliants. For a fresh and younger- looking skin, exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week with the use of these products. Over cleaning can create additional blemishes and cause damage to your skin, therefore remember not to overdo it.

Beautiful skin looks and feels wonderful once you know how to properly take care of it.

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