25 April 2009

4 Basic Causes Behind Skin Aging You Should Understand

There are different causes behind skin aging and they are the following: aging caused by hormones, aging caused by environmental factors, aging caused by lifestyle factors and aging caused by genetic factors.

Getting older is a normal process that all of us will eventually experience. The skin’s texture and appearance changes as we age. To keep your skin look youthful, one of the things that you can do is to nurture it with nourishing products such as argan oil anti aging. Additionally, to know the proper steps to take in delaying aging, one needs to understand the different causes behind it.

Aging caused by hormones

Dry and thin skin, poor skin quality, less elasticity, pimple problems and wrinkles are all signs of a hormonal aging process. Hormone level changes are linked to hormonal aging. Depending on the production and fluctuation of the hormones involved, this type of aging can happen early in a person’s life or much later. Hormonal aging is commonly associated with a woman’s menopausal stage or the pre-menopausal and post-menopausal stages.

The environment as a contributing factor to skin aging

Aging brought about by environmental factors is categorized as an extrinsic aging process. It is caused by external factors rather than by the body's internal processes. Pollution and radiation from the sun are two of the factors involved. The sun's radiation can damage the DNA and destroys the skin’s natural regeneration ability. Environmental aging usually occurs prematurely so it can happen to anyone regardless of age. But, with proper skincare, this type of aging can be avoided. Wrinkles, brittle and dry skin, as well as hyper-pigmentation are among the signs of this type of skin aging.

Lifestyle factors can cause aging

There are also certain lifestyle factors that can contribute to premature aging. The aging of the skin can either be delayed or accelerated, depending on the person’s good or bad habits. Cigarette smoking is one bad habit that have a negative effect on the skin. Research has shown that the skin becomes dry and wrinkled when a person constantly smokes because smoking diminishes vitamin C in the body. Exposing your skin to too much sun is also a bad habit that hastens skin aging. As previously mentioned, the sun is among the elements in the environment that can lead to premature skin aging. Sunscreen with a high SPF factor will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Lack of sleep, stress, too much alcohol intake, and lack of exercise are other lifestyle factors that can lead to skin aging.

Aging caused by genetic factors

The skin aging that is caused by genetics in an unavoidable skin aging process. Normally, it is manifested with wrinkles and creases on the skin, sometimes with sagging too. The genetic makeup of a person has a large influence in this type of skin aging. For instance, your skin quality, type and how it ages may also be similar to your parent’s skin, which you have inherited genetically. A slowdown in the body’s production of important skin proteins like elastin and collagen causes natural genetic aging.

Regardless of your age, there are many things that you can do on your own to make your skin look young even if aging comes naturally.

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