20 March 2008

4 Online Destinations to Help You Find Great Deals for Used ATVs

aside from EBay and Craigslist, you can find  ATV deals in online ATV marketplaces, in online ATV dealer, in Amazon, and in other classified ad websites.

To get the best used ATV available in the market, you need to canvass as much used ATVs in the market.  Not only will you have many choices, but you will also find the best deals around.  Here are four online destinations that can help make your search a lot easier:

Check out ATV marketplaces

ATV marketplaces are online classified ad websites where buyers and sellers of ATVs meet.  Sellers register in their website to post their ATVs for sale and buyers can browse from among the different makes as well as different ATV dealers.  Here are some websites that offer such service:
  • Atvtrader.com.  This site showcases a wide variety of used ATVs for sale by different dealers.  It provides prospective buyers links to directly contact the seller.  It also shows other relevant details such as asking price, location of seller, condition of ATV, and photo of the exact item.

  • ATV-trade.com.  As a potential buyer, you need to register in this website.  It provides you and other members a list of ATV dealers that give you the best possible deals for new and used ATVs.   You can browse ATVs by models, dealers, and categories, such as three-wheelers, four-wheelers, and six-wheelers, among others.

  • ATVtraderonline.com.  This site works similarly with ATV-trade.com, but you do not need to be a member if you decide to purchase a used ATV from them.  You can also browse used ATVs by make, dealers, and categories.  For a more efficient search, this site allows you to also search used ATVs by the city and state you are in or nearly located.

Other ATV marketplaces are ATVquadswap.com, mototime.com, ATVinsider.com, 4wheelfun.com, and powersportbuyer.com.

Search for ATV dealers

Aside from ATV marketplaces and traders, you can directly search for ATV dealers that offer ATVs within your area.  Here are some examples:
  • Usedatvsforsale.org.  This site offers used ATVs from Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris and more, as well as ATV parts and accessories.  It also features articles related to ATVs.

  • ATV Universe.  This company at ATV-newandused.com showcases a wide variety of new and used ATVs of different makes, as well as ATV parts and accessories that will fit your needs and budget.  On this site, you will also find articles, publications, and blogs about ATV, such as history of ATV, ATV Safety, and ATV Tips and Practice Guide.

  • Cheapusedatvsforsale.com.  This site works like EBay, but specializes in used ATVS.  It is an online auction for used ATVs.  It usually begins with a starting price where people can start bidding until auctions end.  They also offer some ATVs at “buy it now” or “best offer” prices wherein you do not have to go through the process of bidding.

Other ATV dealers are Wreckedbike.com, Quadbikeatv.com, and other dealers that are listed on ATV trader websites.

Check out Amazon

Amazon.com is an online retailer that sells different brand new and used products under different departments and categories.  You can find some used ATVs on this website with different prices, depending on the brand, make, and condition.  You can also find ATV accessories on Amazon, such as covers, bags, tires, and tools.

Try searching at other online classified ad websites

You can also do your search for used ATVs at sites similar to Craigslist.  Try checking out online classified ads, such as Ocala4Sale, webclassifieds.us, and OLX.com.  These websites publicize different items for sale, whether brand new or old, as well as service and job offerings.  Major categories include vehicles, real estate, classes or lessons, and other products, such as electronics, sporting goods, and clothing, among many others.

In finding the right used ATV, never limit yourself to only a few dealers or options.  Aside from going over the websites mentioned, do not forget to also ask from your friends and relatives who may know trusted dealers or individuals who sell used ATVs.  It is important to give yourself as many choices as you can so you can get the best ATV for yourself.

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