21 March 2008

12 Steps in Buying a Pool Table

Buying a pool table will be made easier when following these steps: measure available space, measure room for clearance, know your budget, research, surf for costly construction features, settle on desired features, choose prefabricated tables, opt for slanted sides, focus on the playing surface, have it installed by a pro, hire an authorized installer, and take good care of it.

With all the choices you have in the market, settling on the one pool table may be confusing. You have to have a pool table that is well-made and you also have to maintain its original form and appearance. Anyone who is on the hunt for the perfect pool table has to think of it to last a lifetime, one that will satisfy their needs and their budget. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing on your final choice.

Measure available space

Before doing any shopping, measure the available space you have in your play room. This is for determining the suitable size of your pool table. Pool tables are half as wide as they are long. They can be 7 feet to 10 feet long.

Measure room for clearance

Remember that you also have to have space for the players and not just space for the table itself. The ideal space for clearance is 5 ¾ feet around the table. You can also have the clearance wider than the ideal available space.

Know your budget

Determining your budget before the actual purchase will prevent being short of cash. Knowing your budget will guide you to the right choice.


It’s time to hit the Internet to get the 411 on pool tables. Research on the must-knows in owning a pool table. Also, consider that purchasing a brand-new table isn’t that much costly than buying a secondhand pool table. Though, used tables have got its wear and tear whether you prefer it or not.

Surf for costly construction features

Research on the most costly pool tables there is. The top-class are those with features such as being three-piece, having solid hardwood frames and not wood laminates, an inch-thick Italian slate, K-66 contoured cushions and rails bolted through the slate with the nuts hidden within the slate. Purchasing the best and most expensive pool table is not a must but you can have these features searched on lesser pool tables.

Settle on desired features

Now that you are aware of the optional features there is in a pool table, determine which ones will satisfy your needs and your pocket. Always have comfort first before luxury.

Choose prefabricated tables

It would be practical to opt for pre-built frames that are built in factories and this is usually assembled in your home. Though in some cases, it has to need internal assembly such as situations when you have to bring the equipment up a spiral staircase.

Opt for slanted sides

You may have seen tables with slanted sides. Choose one that has this feature since it is normally stronger.

Focus on the playing surface

The playing surface of a pool table is composed of the cloth, rails and cushions. Have close focus in this part because it is the most essential element.

Have it installed by a pro

A little extra money won’t hurt when you know your pool table is installed the right way. Hire a professional to do this.

Hire an authorized installer

An authorized installer from a major billiard company is the best choice you can choose.

Take good care of it

Now that you’re done with the purchasing and with the installing, you can now have your games on your pool table. Never forgot to maintain its proper condition and surely, this will last you a lifetime.

Being aware and educated on everything including how to buy pool tables will lead you to a proper and fun game.

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