09 March 2008

2 Excellent Non-Electric Camping Grills for Your Barbecue

The charcoal and the gas camping grills are 2 types of camping barbecue grills that do not need power or electricity.

Camping may be a totally exciting experience but the best part is that you can now bring along the savory taste of grilled foods with you with the use of a camping barbecue grill. These grills are efficient, reliable, portable and very convenient in the outdoors. Some of them are not only made for grilling food but they also boil, bake, and more.

These grills have different types available in the market. There are those that run on electricity or fuel. If you are looking for grills that need not be connected to any power or electrical source, then check out the following:

Charcoal grills

This type of grill is very economical because it only needs some charcoal briquettes or wood to start cooking. Its fuel is also widely and easily available in the market. An example of it is the Cobb Premier Portable Barbecue Grill which not only grills but also bakes, boils, smokes and warms. This award winning cooking system is lightweight and very easy to use and maintain. It is portable too as you can cook your food on any surfaces, even on the table, as it actually looks like a big pot or a rice cooker. Only with the use of 8-10 charcoal briquettes, it can reach up to temperatures of up to 450 degrees and cooks food for up to 3 hours. Its mesh base is made up to high quality stainless steel and with a non-stick surface. Cooking with the Cobb is smokeless for the fat and oil in the food drains away from the flame. A more compact and easy to carry camping barbecue grill is the Notebook Portable charcoal grill. This super slim grill has a cooking surface that can cook and feed up to 5 people.

Gas grills

This type of grill works with the use of gas as fuel – propane, butane, kerosene, LPG, and the likes. It is also economical because its fuel is readily available and affordable too. An example of which is the Coleman PerfectFlow/InstaStart Propane camp grill which has an enamel-painted steel case and a cooking surface made of porcelain cast iron which is highly durable and easy to clean. This grill is very efficient even on high altitudes, cold weather, and even when its fuel is low. It lights quickly without the use of matches. It also has a large cooking surface and an effective wind-block system to maximize its efficiency.

These two types of barbecue grills are good choices if you want to have a great grilling experience in the outdoors. They are as good as the electric-powered ones but it gives your food a better and more delicious smoky flavor.

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