24 February 2008

3 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Camping Stoves

Maintaining your camping stove can be done by reading the directions, using a new fuel canister, and cleaning after every use.

A camping stove is one of the most important equipment in camping. It is only reasonable to give it the best care possible. To make the most out of your camping stove's worth, here are a few tips:

Read directions on how to use

Before going out on a camping trip, make sure you know how to use the camping stove. Read directions carefully on how to assemble and disassemble the equipment. You can also familiarize your way with the stove by using it regularly even at home. This way, you will be able to determine the little inconveniences of your camping stove and you will know how to deal with it.

Use a new fuel canister

Fresh fuel is a good way to prevent clogging of tubes with debris from old fuel canisters. You should also use the recommended fuel type for your camping stove to ensure safety.  This is to prevent fuel leak and dangerous explosions. Store your fuel canister away from heat in a dry and cool place. Also, please do lock it inside hard to reach shelves to keep it away from reach of children.

Clean after every use

When cleaning your stove, make sure it is cool to touch. Disassemble and clean all parts of the stove. You can use any dish washing or laundry detergent with lukewarm water in cleaning.  Spray and glass cleaners could be used as an alternative.  A scrubbing pad may also help in tough areas. After cleaning, assemble the parts back. Do clean your camping stove  before storing to prevent accumulation of dirt. Leaving your camping stove uncleaned will not, however, damage your grill but it will make it unsanitary and will attract disease-causing pests. Also, make sure it is dry before you store your stove. In storing your camping stove, place it inside a big plastic or cloth bag sealed tightly to keep insects out.

Probably for most, cleaning is the only hard part in maintaining your camping stove. Other than that, everything is easy. Taking good care of your camping stove will not only prolong its life but will also save you money.

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