25 February 2008

3 Simple Steps to Disassemble a Jetboil Camping Stove for a Faster Camp Pack Up

Disassembling  a Jetboil camping stove helps packing up on camp faster. Make sure that the cooking canister is clean and not hot, carefully unscrew the fuel canister, and detach the compact burner on the bottom of the cooking canister to readily pack the Jetboil camping stove.

Packing up on camp should be as quick as setting up camp to be efficient in following the camping itinerary. For a quicker and faster pack up on camp, disassembling a Jetboil camping stove in these three easy steps would greatly save you time:

Checking the cooking canister

Before anything else,  make sure that the Jetboil cooking canister is not hot to avoid burning injuries. Also check if the cooking canister is clean and dry from any scraps and liquid to protect the canister from rust and unwanted growth of organisms.  Be sure to perfectly clean both the inside and out of the canister by wiping it with a clean and dry cloth.

Carefully unscrew the fuel canister

After ensuring that the cooking canister is clean, carefully unscrew the fuel canister at the bottom of the Jetboil cooking stove by turning it on the direction where the fuel canister's grip is loosen from the compact burner. While doing this,  keep away from direct flame or heat to ensure safety while detaching the fuel canister.

Detach the compact burner

Once the Jetboil compact burner is separated from the fuel canister, you can easily detach the compact burner from the cooking canister, by simply turning it counter clock-wise in order  to unlock the safety slot of the burner from the bottom of the cooking canister's attachable compartment. After doing so your Jetboil camping stove is already divided into three main parts which is ready for packing up.

The Jetboil camping stoves are compact personal cooking systems that  can function as camping grills too.  It can also store all its parts on the same cooking canister at the same time. Once all the main compartments are stored in the canister then you will not have to worry anymore. You can already proceed with whatever needs to be packed up next.

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