29 February 2008

3 Pointers on Alcohol Camping Stove as the Best Stove for a Safety Camping

Alcohol stoves are generally accepted as the safest choice of camping stove to use in cooking on camp because it is less flammable than other fuel type, it has a zero percent failure rate, and it is easier to find and inexpensive.

Camping stoves are design to benefit the user with convenience and safety in cooking on camp. The safe use of camp stove starts with choosing the best fuel to primarily prevent possible fire accidents while using the stove. Alcohol camping stoves such as Trangia Camping stoves are generally considered as the safest camping stove to use because of the following reasons:

Less flammable than other fuel type

Alcohol camp stoves uses alcohol as a primary fuel. Alcohol vapor is relatively light and evaporates quickly compared to the vapor of petroleum fuels, which makes it less flammable. Since alcohol produces the least fumes that is volatile in catching fire, common fire mishaps is lesser. Alcohol is not a petroleum by-product and is less damaging to the environment too.  Alcohol stoves does not flare up as often compared with white gas stoves. It also produces the least smoke which is an advantage for a hassle-free cooking.

Zero percent failure rate

Alcohol stoves often comes with simple mechanism, with just a cup to hold fuel. This lack of complexity means a lower risk of technical mishandling which is usually the common cause of fire mishaps. Alcohol burns well in an unpressurized burner . According to Roland Mueser, the author of Long-Distance Hiking: Lessons From the Appalachian Trail, alcohol stove is the only stove type that performs in a zero percent failure rate. With the efficiency of alcohol as the fuel source and the simplicity of Alcohol stove mechanism nothing could go wrong and fire hazards will be prevented.

Easy to find and inexpensive

Compared with other types of camping stove which uses propane or any other canister fuel, Alcohol stoves which uses alcohol has the most convenient, the cheapest, and easiest availability. Aside from being able to find alcohol in most part of the world, it is also a good choice for first aid kits because it can be stored well and has other uses aside from being a fuel source.

Unpressurized alcohol stoves are also quieter and does not disturbed the soothing silence of the wilderness experience the way pressurized stoves can. Like all stoves, it is still advisable to take alcohol camp stove with the utmost care and proper handling. Accidents can always be prevented with the safest equipment to use and the right presence of mind.

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