28 February 2008

2 Leading Brands of Electric Camping Grill for the Best Camping Experience

Among customer's online review, the most popular recommended brands of electric camping grill is George Foreman outdoor grill and Char Broil outdoor grill.

Grilling outdoor will be more convenient and easy when you have a  time-tested brand of electric grill for your camping activities. With the wide selection of available electric camping grills on the market today, the following brands have received more appreciation and kudos on online articles and reviews basing on the efficiency of these electric grills:

George Foreman electric grills

Endorse on 1994 by a former heavyweight champion, George Foreman grills have already received rising recognition in the United States. Promoting the "Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine" slogan, over eighty million products have been sold. The George Foreman outdoor grill offers easy and fun grilling with a sloping grate base feature that separates the fat from the food collected on a grease tray that is easy to empty. It features a 200 square-inch grill and 600 watts of cooking power with an adjustable temperature control and detachable food thermometer. George Foreman grill is the best healthy alternative to pan-fry and grill food. Using the George Foreman for camping is also very portable and easy to clean by simply immersing it on water. These George Foreman grills can also be easily converted from outdoor to indoor use with detachable grill that can also be used separately.

Char Broil

Char-Broil distributes and produces a complete line of cooking equipment such as grills, smokers, fryers and equipment accessories over North America. Founded on 1948, Char-Broil brand offers a wide variety of electric grills that is suitable of outdoor and indoor use. This brand has been proven and tested in decades and is progressively innovating the latest electric grilling equipments that is at par with today's technology. Char Broil Electric Patio Caddie Grill is the latest electric grill design that is popular in the market. Featuring a 187 square-inch porcelain surface, it also comes with a thermal insulated liner that keeps a high grilling temperature and a porcelain steel top cover with a temperature gauge. This electric grill has an award-winning grill design that uses 1650 watts of cooking power. With a temperature control-5 inches grounded electric chord, it would be easier to move the electric grill around as it is supported with a wide base design on an easy rolling wheels making Patio Caddie Grill as one of the best quality branded products.

Having a branded electric grill will not just ensure product quality but also provides warranty and secures your confidence in the equipment that your using. To have the best product brand, your camping grill will never fail you to have a convenient and fun grilling moments on camp.

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