31 December 2007

6 Interesting Things about Tangier that Makes it a Great Place to Live In

Tangier is a developing city in Northern Morocco, where many people, especially the Europeans, love to visit and discover.  For many, it has become an interesting haven to live because of its beautiful landscapes, rich and diverse culture, commonly available apartments and resorts, great recreation and entertainment, improved infrastructure, many development projects, and great investment opportunities.

A lot of people may not have even heard of Tangier, but it can truly be the home you are looking for.  Here are the main reasons why Tangier is such an exhilarating city to live in:

Beautiful landscapes

If you want a truly breathtaking  place to live in, with the sound of the waves before your ears and the beauty of the sun reflecting the sea everyday, Tangier is the place for you.  You can look for a beach property for sale in Tangier and call it your home.  Many popular French artists like Eugene Delacroix and Henri Matisse, as well as other poets, loved to stay at the dramatic city of Tangier.  Artists love to paint the city's beautiful lights and colors, especially during sunsets.  Poets love to write with their words inspired by the beauty of nature and the richness of the city's culture.

Rich and diverse culture

Tangier is characterized by rich and diverse culture.  It has gone through different civilizations starting from the Greeks, Romans, Portuguese, English, Spanish, down to the French civilization.  It also has different communities, including the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews.  You will be happy to find  many artists, poets, businessmen, and people of all sorts looking for work opportunities, as well as comfort living in Tangier.

Commonly available apartments and resorts

Finding a place to live in Tangier will not a problem since there many apartments to stay.  There are also a lot of beach resorts and even golf and forest villas to choose from.  You will always find great place to relax and do business in Tangier.

Great recreation and entertainment

Aside from enjoying the rich culture and great view in Tangier, you will also find a number of recreational activities and entertainment for your pleasure.  If you love golf, they have golf clubs and golf villas.  If you want to relax, you can just walk along the sandy shores of Tangier.  They also have annual festivals, such jazz, theater, and film festivals.  There are cafes, bars, nightclubs, and cinemas you can choose from for an enjoyable nightlife.  Adventurists, on the other hand, will find a place in Tangier for trekking and even mountain climbing.

Improved infrastructure

A comfortable living does not only entail a relaxing place and wonderful people.  It would be better to have nice roads when traveling, as well as other infrastructure concerns.  This would not be a problem in Tangier.  The Moroccan government is doing its best to attract tourists and foreign investors to strengthen and improve its economy, thus infrastructure had been greatly improved.  New roads have been constructed and the old ones are being renovated.

Many development projects

In recent years, there had been many development projects made in Tangier, making it a great place to live in.  These projects have also paved the way for a more developed Tangier.  A tunnel has been constructed linking North America and Spain, which will surely help boost both the business and tourism industries.  Recent developments include Tangier's modern railway station, a new motorway connecting it to the rest of Morocco, and more city resorts and hotels.  Aside from these recent projects, future developments are also set to make Tangier a more interesting place to visit and live in.  These include five-star hotels, a modern business district, a new airport station, and a new football stadium.

Great investment opportunities

With the government's effort, Tangier has become a desired place for foreigners to invest.  The recent and future developments, as well the rich culture of the place, are attracting investors to do business in Tangier and invest in their properties.  Great investments you can make here include resorts, palaces, and apartments.  Real estate is a good business here as properties are expected to increase in value with all the development projects and the booming business in the city.  Currently, the recorded rate of investments property in Tangier is said to be growing 10% annually.

Tangier is not just a place to relax and enjoy.  It is not just a place worth visiting.  If you want to combine pleasure, comfort of living, and great business, Tangier might just be the right place for you.

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