30 December 2007

6 Common Types of Fixed Drills Used for Better Efficiency

Fixed drills or drill presses are those that can be set up using stand, workbench, or installed directly on the floor.  The more common types of fixed drills include portable drill press, bench top drill press, floor-model drill press, geared head drill press,  radial drill press, and mill drill.

Fixed drills come in different kinds, giving you more options depending on the size of your shop and your work needs.  They are also known as drill presses.  Here are some common types of fixed drills you can consider for your shop:

Portable drill press

Among all the types of fixed drills, a portable drill press is the least powerful.  It is, however, useful and practical when traveling or when working on small jobs.  If you you have no shop to work on your small projects, then this is the right drill for you.

Bench top drill press

As the name suggests, bench top drill presses are those you can directly mount to a bench or let stand on their own with their base on top of a workbench.  This type of fixed drill is especially helpful if you have a limited working space in your shop.

Floor-model drill press

Compared with bench-type drills, floor drill presses are more powerful, versatile, and generally more expensive.  They have more accessories and attachments available for different uses and needs.  Most commercial shops, as well as some homeowners, make use of this drill for heavy-duty jobs

Geared head drill press

Unlike other drills, the power of this floor-type fixed drill comes from the spur gearing of the machine's head instead of belts.  Levers, which are attached to the machine's head, are used to select spindle speed for more varied applications.

Radial drill press

A radial drill press is a floor-type, geared head drill press, wherein the head or the spindle moves through the drill's column.  With an arm you can swing, it allows you to do a lot of drilling work over one place, without having the need to move the drill.  This drilling machine is especially helpful, efficient, and time-saving when heavy and large work needs to be done.

Mill drill

This special type of drill is named such because it is functions like a milling machine.  It is a lighter version of a milling machine with a drill press capability.  This is especially advantageous for you if you have a limited space in your shop.  It is space-saving, lightweight, can be used in different applications,  and are more affordable than heavy drills.

To make sure your drill press lasts long and to ensure its efficiency, you need to properly maintain your drill.  spindle rebuilding is one way to do it.  When there are minor repairs to be done, do not hesitate to have it repaired.  This will help you avoid accidents and ensure accuracy of your work.

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