15 December 2007

5 Interesting Things about Bhutan that Makes It a Great Travel Destination

The country’s breath-taking views of fertile lands and rugged mountain sceneries, simple domesticated lifestyle of the people, religion, festivals and holidays, beautiful landmarks are just a few of very interesting things that may convince you to take Bhutan tours.

Travelling is a wonderful and fun way to explore new places and learn about other country’s history, cultures and traditions, religion, and their people’s way of living. One place that you may want to visit is the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” or Bhutan. This tiny independent kingdom is located just between India and China. This rich and vibrant country may not be the top of your list of places to visit but the following would definitely make you want to change your mind.

Breath-taking views of fertile lands and rugged mountain sceneries

Bhutan has always been very conscious in safeguarding its natural resources as the country’s economy is mostly relying on agriculture and forestry which accounts to more than 90% of its people’s livelihood. That is why vast farmlands can be seen throughout the country accompanied by animal husbandry. You will also appreciate the country’s geography since its terrain is dominated by valleys, forest, rivers and mountains, in which the Himalayan Mountains are the most popular.

Simple domesticated lifestyle of the people

After so many years of rapid development among other neighboring countries, Bhutan was successful in preserving its rich cultural heritage and simple traditional lifestyle. This place also greatly reflects of Tibetan culture as Tibet mostly has a sole and direct contact with the kingdom according to Bhutan’s history. When you happen to visit at their local restaurant or any typical houses, you may find that they still use clay pots and pans, and wood to cook food. Internet or cable TVs are rarely circulated around the country and you might even find that homes don’t have any television or telephones at all. A visit in this country will let you experience a life filled with solemnity and utmost simplicity.


Buddhism is the dominant religion of the whole Bhutan population. With monks and nuns, their religion has made a huge help primarily in preserving Bhutan’s ancient culture and enlightening Bhutan’s people about wisdom, compassion, and loving-kindness. Its richness of the country’s religion can be seen through a few temples like Taktshang and Gangteng Monastery.

Festivals and holidays

People in Bhutan may be living quietly and with simplicity but still they give importance to the blessings of their environment, the influence of their religion, their government, and so on. That is why they are also seen celebrating and mingling with other people. The Day of Offerings, Losar, Thimphu Drubchen, Thimphu Tsechu, Winter Solstice, Shabdung Kuchoey, and Lord Buddha’s Paranirvana are just some of their yearly celebrations or holidays displaying the richness of their culture.

Beautiful landmarks

Most foreign visitors are attracted to Bhutan’s rich landmarks. Some of which are the Textile Museum, Trashichho Dzong, Folk Heritage Museum, the National Memorial Chorten, the Centenary Farmer’s Market, the “Tiger’s Den”, Chele La Pass, Gangteng Monastery, and the Himalaya Mountains.

It is intriguing how such a small kingdom still happens to survive even with its very simple structures and a struggling culture. Visiting Bhutan will surely a fun and learning experience.

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