14 December 2007

4 Reasons that Make St John an Interesting Place to Live in

Choosing to live in St. John in Indiana is definitely a good decision. It is an interesting place to live in because of the following reasons: attractive parks and recreation; inspiring attractions; quality schools; and, effective real estate planning and building.

St. John is a town located about 24 miles southeast of Chicago. It is particularly situated in Lake County, Indiana, USA. It is founded in the year 1837 by John Hack.  At present, it has a population of about 12,000 making it a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Its schools are proven to be of quality, and there are several churches around the district. It has a great number of parks and trails making St. John a beautiful place to live in for either big families or even for those living in empty nests.

Attractive parks and recreation

One of St. John's focus is to come up with a department that concentrates on parks and recreation. Its goal is to provide residents with clean parks, clean trails, and playground with quality equipment. Its department is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is serene and relaxing while residents are in the park and in other recreational areas of this town. It strives to make recreation a means of providing activities that can make everyone enjoy. At the same time, making these activities and programs as tools of enriching the well-being of every individual both physically and mentally. The activities are kept at lower prices to make them really affordable for everyone. Basically, residing in St. John is like living in between city and country life. Read further and find out what makes this town a captivating place for new residents:

Inspiring attractions

The attractions in St. John that spark the interests of many are the following:

  • Shrine of Christ's Passion
  • Marian Wayside Shrine
  • Sanctity of Life Shrine

Quality schools

St. John town aims to provide quality education to every student. It has opened several schools for different levels of education such as elementary schools, middle schools, high schools. In fact, two private schools are also open for students from kindergarten to grade eight. To name a few:

  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Clark Middle School
  • Lake Central High School
  • St. John the Evangelist School

Effective real estate building and planning

St. John has established a department for building and planning. The department is designed to provide proper coordination in the development and use of land, as well as the construction of homes and commercial buildings.  The role of the building and planning department is to work well with contractors, developers, and the whole community to make sure that St. John's real estate are given utmost care and attention. It strives to maintain its ability to properly build structures all the time and to continuously improve the entire image of the town.

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