10 December 2007

3 Specific Details that Help You Attain the Greatest Accuracy of Free Online Birth Charts

If you correctly provide the specific information needed, free online birth charts can be as accurate as those that you purchase.  It is important that you identify the exact date of birth, determine the exact time of birth, and specify the exact place of birth in order for your astrology birth chart to be accurate.

Free online birth charts are usually those birth charts that come with very limited or no interpretation at all, encouraging you to buy the complete version from their website.  Being free, however, does not necessarily mean lacking in accuracy.  Your free online birth chart can be very accurate if you do the following:

Identify the exact date of birth

The first important thing that matters in your astrology birth chart is your exact date of birth.  The specific month, date, and year you were born must be given to determine the exact position of the planets in your chart.  It is specifically important in identifying your sun sign or what you commonly know of as your zodiac sign.  This, actually, is the zodiac sign where the sun is located the exact day you were born.  It is the basis of the infamous horoscope readings, which describes your true nature, your principles in life, and many things that relate to your personality.

Determine the exact time of birth

Aside from the date of birth, the degree of planetary positions in your birth chart is highly affected by the exact time you were born.  A birth chart is said to be a graphic presentation of the exact planetary positions at the exact moment of your birth.  The "exact moment" here includes the exact time you were born.  Astrologers deem this to be very important since the earth and other astrology planets in your birth chart are constantly moving on a certain path every minute, affecting planetary positions and aspects, thus also affecting birth chart interpretations.

Specify the exact place of birth

The place of birth does matter, too.  It is because we have different time zones in different areas.  The exact coordinates are needed by astrologers for greater accuracy.  Your exact place of birth is also as important as your exact date and time of birth to achieve the exact planetary locations and relationships, affecting every aspect of your life.

An accurate birth chart is very important to help you learn about every aspect of your life, including your past, your present and your future.  It will help you understand your true nature and personality, as well as those of other people.  Your attitude and even fate towards your career, your family, and your love life can also be explained.   Knowing all of these can result to healthy relationships as well as better understanding and acceptance of yourself and the world.  That is why it is very important for your birth chart to be accurate so you can also make accurate interpretations that will help you grab opportunities as well as acknowledge your weaknesses and improve on them to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

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