02 May 2007

How to Rectify Your Birth Chart

To rectify your birth chart, you must seek the advice of a professional natal astrologer, provide the necessary information needed, and wait for a few days or weeks for the results.

A natal birth chart is a horoscope chart used by natal astrologers to draw certain information about an individual’s life, love, career, future, and so on. Accurate predictions of a chart greatly depend on the accuracy of the details provided by the person including his birth time. Many use their birth certificates or records as references for this data, but others are doubtful about the written information. Thus, some of them want their birth chart rectified just for the purpose of knowing their accurate birth time.

Birth chart rectification is a method to determine a person’s actual birth time basing on the events in his life. To find your accurate birth time, here’s what you should do:

Seek a professional natal astrologer

Rectification is not an easy process and very confusing. One needs to be equipped with enough knowledge and skills to do this. To know your accurate birth time, it is best that you should ask help from the expert – one who is experienced with this kind of activity. There are websites that could give you this kind of service. Seeking a professional may not be cheap but at least you got the best and most accurate results and you won’t be wasting a lot of your time trying untested methods of rectifying just be yourself.

Provide the necessary information needed

Before the natal astrologer starts the process, you may be asked to give a list of 10-15 significant events such as marriage or divorce, getting a job or getting fired, death of a loved one, graduation or certain achievements, accidents or misfortunes, travel, buying a property, etc. For best result, each of them should also be provided with its exact date and time of when they occurred. Life events should also be spread out over the course of your life like a few events on your childhood, some in your adolescence and more events in your adult life. Events shouldn’t also be too close to each other. It is better that each event should be 2 years apart.

Wait for a few days or weeks for the results

Best results come from an accurate and well-analyzed birth chart rectification. You may receive your rectification results after a few days or weeks. This process takes a lot of time because natal astrologers compare and run some series of progressions, transits, and solar arcs on your chart based on the events you provided. Rectification also makes use of a lot of methods and attempts to get the most accurate results.

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