03 May 2007

2 Distinct Qualities of the Best Birth Chart

The best birth chart is not determined by your zodiac or the planetary positions the moment you were born or any other aspect on it.  It is its accuracy and the completeness of its message that makes it worthy.

A natal chart, otherwise know as birth chart, is known to help you understand your life better.  Here are the two distinctive qualities of your birth chart that will best serve its purpose to you:

It must be accurate

Your birth chart is a visual representation of the exact planetary positions and its other aspects at the exact moment of your birth.  A good birth chart, therefore, must be accurate so it can tell you the important events in your life, whether past, present, or future, as well as your inherent personality.  You must be able to provide the exact date, place, and time of your birth in order to make precise interpretations.  More often, people are not able to determine the exact time of birth, which results to inaccurate readings.  If this is the case, you can correct your birth chart through rectification, wherein the closest possible time of your birth is determined.  One way to do this is to identify the critical events in your life and match it with the important points in your birth chart.  Once this is done, your birth chart should be able to relate its aspects to your life.

Your birth chart must be comprehensive

A good birth chart can explain the important points in your life, but the best birth chart tells you everything you need to understand about yourself.  All the aspects in your birth chart working together should be able to tell you things you need to know about your previous life, your childhood, your present, and your future.  It must also speak of your inherent personality towards yourself, your family, your relationships and even in your jobs.  Because of these revelations, you will be able to know how to handle yourself in times of personal crisis and how to handle relationships better, whether social or romantic.  You will be also able to identify the job that best suits you.  Your birth chart should be able to explain the critical events in your life as the death of a loved one or a promotion in your job.  Finally, it can point out your desires and motivations, your talents and your skills that you can use to attain self-fulfillment.

There is actually no good or bad birth chart.  No matter how the planets are positioned in your natal chart the moment you were born, your life is equally challenging and beautiful as the others.  As long as you understand and accept yourself for who you are and other people for who they are, you are sure to live a meaningful life.

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