22 May 2007

3 Ways of Using Your Astrology Chart in Finding a New Career

An astrology chart can be used in helping you find a new career. It can be used to interpret and to guide you in your pursuit for a new career by these three ways: considering the placements of planets; considering planetary cycles and transits; and considering the asteroids. Using these charts would give you the right time frame to start a professional endeavor.

Choosing a career path involves a lot of careful deliberation. With the use of an astrology chart, one can get clues about career possibilities and be able to distinguish which timing and career choice is best. These major astrological components can guide you in knowing which is the best career path for you. Here the following components that you need to take into consideration:

Placement of planets in houses

The 10th, 6th, and 2nd houses are the ones most concerned with professional success. Looking at one’s natal or birth chart, you can identify which planets rule the said houses. The 10th house, in particular, is the most important because it represents one’s career and status in life. The 6th house represents one’s ability to deal with problems, while the 2nd house deals with matters concerning wealth or possessions.

By knowing which planets are placed in the three houses, you can gauge your luck in a certain career choice. The same knowledge can be used to assess your talents and strengths and in which career category they work best.

Planetary cycles and transits

If you are interested in the right timing of professional dealings, transits and planetary cycles can help reveal the probable outcomes of a series of actions you are planning to take. If you don’t already know what a transit is, it refers to the passing of a planet in a certain house (and of course, the “planetary cycles” part is pretty self-explanatory). Basically, when the timings of these components are analyzed, you can tell when is the best time to schedule an interview or to leave your current job and apply for a better one.


Asteroids are helpful guides when it comes to financial matters and career. The four asteroids, in particular, are concerned with this. The position of an asteroid can provide detailed information about changes in one’s career. One asteroid may symbolize a specific profession. The positioning of the asteroids can offer even more specific information regarding one’s career that other astrological components might have missed.

By taking note of all these major components in your astrology chart, you can obtain helpful insights involving your career path. You will then be able to evaluate your options more appropriately and intelligently in finding a new career. But, to be able for one to find a suitable and better career would primarily depend on one's perseverance and hard work.

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