23 May 2007

10 Astrology Planets and Their Different Symbolisms

In astrology, the 10 planets in the solar system--the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto--- represent different aspects of our life, our needs, personalities, tendencies, drives, and emotions.

Astrologers in ancient times looked to the planets to represent the will of their gods for their lives; while astrologers of today hold the notion that these planets influence life here on Earth. The ten planets (Sun and Moon are considered planets in astrology) are the basis for reading one's horoscope or astrological forecast. Since astrology is geocentric, the Earth is not considered a planet from which zodiac signs are matched in the natal chart.


The Sun (The Planet of Self) represents vital energy or the dominant side of an individual's personality. Things such as basic self-belief, stamina, will, energy, and power are governed by the Sun. Anyone who works to be in accord with the Sun will attract its vitality and power.


While the Sun represents what we are, the Moon (The Planet of Needs and Feelings) represents how we feel. The things that make us happy, sad, excited, angry, and disappointed are dealt with by the Moon.


The Planet of Mind represents our thoughts and how we express them (communication). This planet is ruled by Gemini and Virgo, both of which have logical thoughts, conscious minds, and critical thinking.


Attraction is the keyword associated with Venus, the Planet of Action. It represents our charms and sociable side. It tends to be meticulous, elegant, fashionable, and having a sense of craving to be attractive. It supplies us the energy to be calm, peaceful, and compassionate.


This is the planet of drives, desires, and assertiveness. It supplies the energy for motive, fervor, and anger. Physical (athletic) and sexual desires are represented by how you express them through doing activities that satisfy your drives.


This represents faith and good luck, and is known as the Planet of Expansion. Jupiter in Sagittarius and Pisces is optimistic, while in Gemini and Virgo, it is overly analytical, obsessed, and conscious of even minor details. However, good luck can make us lazy, indifferent, and passive.


Saturn, the Planet of Time and Hard Work, represents responsibility and the energy to do assigned tasks. It teaches hard work and strategies to overcome hardship in life.


Uranus is known as the Planet of Revolution. Defiance and breakthrough are directly associated with it. It has a rebellious energy which makes us want to bring about a change in ourselves or the community.


It is the Planet of Illusion, which tries to go beyond what is known to many. Dreams and aspirations occupy our inner thoughts, and can sometimes fog our minds from reality. It can also lead to deceit and confusion. Pisces rules this planet, while Virgo is unfavorable.


Known as the Planet of Transformation, Pluto represents power, healing, and how you achieve transformation and control over things.

astrology planets which are closer to the Earth represent our personalities and tendencies of daily living. They can guide us with how we act and feel for ourselves, while planets which are farther represent how we interact with the society.

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