06 May 2007

2 Simple Steps in Finding Your Gambling Luck Through Your Birth Chart

You birth or natal chart chart is said to speak of all your life's affairs, including gambling.  To find out your luck in games of chance, you need to know what aspects in the birth chart rules gambling, including investments, finances, and leisure activities.  See where these aspects are located in your birth chart and how they relate to each other to determine if you are lucky in gambling.

Your luck in gambling is never certain, but your natal birth chart can help you find the perfect timing to venture into such activity .  Here are two simple steps to help you out:

Identify the aspects in your birth chart that rules finances, leisure activities, and gambling

From the planets, it is Jupiter that rules money, wealth, finances, and material possessions.  Since gambling  falls on this area, Jupiter must be taken into consideration.  Jupiter is also said to be the planet of "good luck", which makes it a more important aspect to observe in your birth chart.  Some houses in your birth chart also have importance in finding your luck in gambling.  Among the houses, it is important to look at the the second house, since it rules your finances.  Otherwise known as the "money house", it includes how you spend and earn your money, including gambling.  The fifth house is also important as it governs your entertainment, pleasures, leisure activities, and games of chance, including gambling.  You must also take a look at the eight house, which speaks of inheritance, other people's money, credit, and also investments.

Look at the relationships of these aspects in your birth chart

You need to understand that as planets revolve around the zodiac, they also pass through the twelve houses that make up your birth chart.  Now that you know that it is Jupiter that influences your finances, see where it is located in your birth chart.  If Jupiter is in your second house, it means that your personal wealth will hugely grow through your business affairs and investments, including gambling.  It is said, though, that you should spend your fortune in a positive manner such as being generous to others or venturing into a good business.  This could also mean that as you win big in a lottery or in gambling, you should stop and use the money wisely.

It is also said to be a good time for gambling when Jupiter is in the fifth house as it speaks of better chances in gaining through your investments and leisure activities.  On the other hand, if Jupiter is in the eight house, you will have good fortune in your partner's money, credits, and your investments, including gambling.

Always remember that the other planets are also revolving around the houses in your birth chart.  They can always change your luck and your fortune.  Once you get lucky, don't let your wealth overwhelm you; rather, let it be an opportunity for you to take wise and good moves.

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