30 March 2007

Best-selling LSU Tigers Memorabilia

Best-selling LSU Tigers Memorabilia are their photos, autographed jerseys or t-shirts, championship games in DVDs, replica Football Helmets, franchise caps, and banners.

The LSU Tigers have drawn so many fans for the past years because of their energy and professionalism in the fields of sports. Because of the fansメ love and support to their favorite team, they would do anything just to grab some LSU merchandise like t-shirts, pictures, apparels or accessories and more. LSU Tigers memorabilia are particularly very popular among the fans. Here are the top-selling LSU Tigers memorabilia:

LSU Tigers photos

LSU Tigers photos are one of the best-selling keepsakes most fans want. The photo could be the whole team, a snapshot of a favorite player in action or the team mascot, or even a whole stadium jam packed with people on a huge LSU Tigers game. The photos become even more valuable if they are signed by any of the LSU Tigers players.

Autographed jerseys or t-shirts

Autographed jerseys or t-shirts are always the fansメ favorite memorabilia to collect. Autographed replica jerseys are very popular as well as actual jerseys once worn by previous popular LSU Tigers players. Autographed t-shirts sell too as much as the jerseys. Fans just love wearing these apparels on game days or put them on the wall or even frame them to protect them from damage.

Championship games in DVDs

Thereメs no better way to preserve memories than to have them recorded in DVDs. LSU Tigersメ championship games are selling like hotcakes. Fans just love watching their favorite team on an awesome game over and over again.

Replica football helmets

Many fans love the football team of the LSU. One of the best remembrances there is of the team is a replica football helmet. Some of the helmets are also signed by LSU players.

LSU Tigers franchise caps

The franchise caps are a top-seller for any age and gender. Men specifically love collecting these caps. These caps not only support the team but it is very functional too especially on sunny days. Fans can be seen wearing these on game days, on campus or even just strolling on town.


Banners symbolize a lot about team spirit and support to the schoolメs athletic team. They are a popular pick among LSU students.

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