31 March 2007

7 Good Sites to Buy Alabama Crimson Tide Gameday Tickets

You can buy Alabama Crimson Tide game day tickets at Roll Tide, Stub Hub!, Ticket City. They are also available in Sport & Concerts, Sports Traveler, TickCo, and Game Day Events.

Alabama Crimson Tide game day tickets sell fast as much as Alabama merchandise. A lot of their fans just love watching the team's games and as much as possible don't want to miss any of it. The policy in buying game tickets has always been on a 'first come,first serve' basis and others upon reservations. Fans who ordered tickets late, unfortunately, would have to miss some games. But today, purchasing your favorite Alabama Crimson Tide game day tickets won't be such a hassle anymore. You won't have to fall in long lines because tickets are now available at the comfort of your home. With the use of the Internet, you can buy or reserve game day tickets at:

Roll Tide

Being the official website of the Alabama Crimson Tide, you can directly buy tickets here. On the 'gameday' tab of the site, select tickets. You will then forwarded to a page where you can select which Alabama sport you like to watch - baseball, football, men or women basketball, gymnastics, softball or volleyball. For single ticket purchases, you can choose from the list of games available and buy tickets in advance if you like. You can also choose your seating arrangement - bleachers or grandstand, or upper chair back, etc. If you also plan to buy tickets for your friends, you can avail of the discount for bulk purchases. Students and faculty of the University of Alabama, and youth and senior citizens has special prices for gameday tickets. They also has a "print-at-home" feature so that you can save more money on your tickets.

Stub Hub!

This website is known for selling various tickets from concert, theaters, and sports including Alabama Crimson Tide games. They have an intensive list of the team's upcoming games, from regular to championship games, with the date and venue of the said events. You can also select what  seat to occupy on the coliseum or stadium. Seat tickets vary though, the ones with the better view of the play is more expensive.

Ticket City

This website sells lots of gameday and other events tickets.  As for now, they're only selling football and basketball tickets for intercollegiate sports including the games of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Other websites where you can purchase game day tickets:

Sports & Concerts

Sports Traveler


Game Day Events

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