23 October 2011

Sundays Are For Enjoying

2 weeks left for my poster presentation, I finished fabricating my PCB, then now into constructing propeller display. Can I finish my project in time? Well, hopefully.

Today is Sunday, the next day will be Monday. Argh~~ I hate Mondays! :(

Myself riding Segway X2 personal transporter

Sundays are mostly to enjoy weekend life, but not to sleep at home and do nothing. The weather nowdays gone crazy, sometimes cold sometimes hot, but still I bathed with cold water. In this case I might get sick anytime.

Later going to watch Manchester United going against the neighbour, Manchester City for a derby duel! Please Man Utd do not disappoint me ok? :)


  1. it's a lazy Sunday isnt it? but too bad it always is very near to the blue Monday!