09 February 2011

Youth Scolding In Public After Accident

Penang: 3rd day of Chinese New Year @ Kek Lok Si Temple

The youth couple, probably my guess of their age is around 20's, accidentally injured an old lady while reversing their car. What are they doing next? They do not apologise to the old lady but instead started a shouting match with the public! Where are your manners? Don't you know one apology and a help can help save that old lady? For both the youths, they do not care about that lady. What a pity! If I was there, the police report is useless anyway, instead I should ask, "Does your parents teach you some manners?" This is horrible, terrible and absolutely disgrace!!! Calling all parents, teach your kids some manners! Do not follow the example of this two youths in this video.

By the way, the spotted youth on Facebook have just posted on her wall:
She is the one who pushes the cameraman away, how unshameful is the girl is. Let's read!

My Inexact Translation:
"Bird" people talking "bird" talk?
Why don't you record the video until the end?
Do you know in the end after I looked at the old lady for a while?
I still have to follow her to hospital for her x-ray check up, Got problem ahh~
It's funny~ just because the case only got head, then just can like that say to people?

I answer, "You seriously do not know what happened? Or you just blindly make it don't know how to get the things straight? Simply shooting people with brainless thoughts took a while to implement, but the consequences will therefore be highly affected by karma in the future, God only knows what's best everyone~" 

Respect people before people "respect" you back! Damn this story... for more info please check out on their Facebook or Youtube. I am not going to responsible if anything goes. 


  1. OMG She really said that? I hope she will be the one getting knocked by someone one day! -.- Really no manner.

  2. @hilda: The boy's comment from facebook is unknown since his wall is not shown to everyone, I think both the couples are furious about it!