21 November 2010

Music Video Pick: Taeyang - Wedding Dress

I always admire people playing piano, especially girls who have been trained to become professional piano-list. However, this piano is not meant for girls only, guys would also play piano as their hobby too. As for me, I could only knew how to play some piano tunes, including a short song called, "唯一 (Only One)" by Wang Lee Hom. I always wanted to play piano but I can't really afford to buy my own piano, as I already have my own time spent on bowling training. Now I have stopped playing bowling, and started being a normal person like others. What am I doing by the way?

Here's the music video of Taeyang which is quite popular among the fans, entitled "Wedding Dress". I hope I could be the man like him who can truly plays piano, and also sings for the purpose of... uhm... flirting? Haha! :)

Take it away bro! See you after my finals is over. Tata!

I like this song! O_O

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