19 October 2010

Teaser Update!

A quick update from SonnyKazu:

Are you hungry but do not have transport to go mamak stall for your supper? Walk your way to the nearest KFC for your finger lickin' original spices and herbs and also spicy chicken! OH man, this is a great meal for your supper I tell you. Too bad KFC does not have home delivery service. Only McD and Pizza Hut do. *stomach growls*

This is supposingly my last meal from KFC that I have enjoyed. I miss KFC... buhbye! Now it's time to save up my pocket money to earn myself a big time! Hehe~~! Btw, sorry about today cuz' I have Malaysian Studies test and project presentation tomorrow. Please wait for my next update on tomorrow ya!


p/s: I have just started few chapters only! YIKES! Time's running out! Bye!


  1. There is no delivery services in MY?

  2. @Kelvin: yes... but KFC need at least RM200 and above purchased meals to be delivered to your doorstep.