18 September 2010

Engineering Night 2010

On the August 30, which is the eve of the National Day, I have participated in the Engineering Night 2010 organised by my college's Engineering Society. That day was held in G Hotel, Gurney Drive. I wonder how was the experience on that night, we'll see in the rest of this post. "Waiting For Tonight" is the main theme for this year's Engineering Night, and I was kinda built up an interest on this.

Upon reaching the destination, I was greeted by the society members, who are waiting for me to register my name. I was given a whistle and glowing stick by them. What's that purpose? To blow up the whistle and waving the sticks during the performance, just like the people at live artiste performance.

Inside the ballroom

The event started at 7.30pm after the arrival of the VIP guests. First, a short speech is given by our Head of Programme, Ms. Hema.

Ms. Hema giving a speech.

The Engineering committee's speech

After the speech, the event kicks off with a singing and dancing performance by the Engineering Society members. First up, the singing group which consists of my classmates with their title song, 'What You Waiting For' by Colby O'Donis ft. Mizz Nina. 

Next group is the dancing group, who perform with Korean title, Shock. Well, I haven't heard this before but they perform the dance really well.

Whoops! I already felt hungry by that time the dance performance was ended. After this, the first session of dinner buffet has started. As soon as the dance performance was over, all were rushed to the buffet station to grab some food to eat.

During the dinner, there is a violin performance by my classmates, Melvin and Chia Chuin. Both are really good at their violin performance, and I really like the music. This violin reminds me of a person who performed in the prize giving ceremony during my high school year. The song title, 'Only One' by Yellowcard was the one with violin part that she has played before, and I admired the music very much. 

Violin Performance

Another stunning performance is the blind-folded pianoist. How did he do that? OMG!

The emcees were surprised how did that fella played with his eyes blind-folded.

Next part is the Engineering King & Queen session. This is the 5 boys and 5 girls who were picked by majority of the people who voted for the person to become the king and queen of the night. Here it is...

All of them have been gone through series of games, and all comes down directly to the chosen King and Queen of the night.

5 boys and 5 girls paired up as a couple.

Game time!

But that was just the first heat of the Engineering King and Queen session. Finally, this is the moment where everyone is talked about, here is our college's baldy lecturer, Mr. Vincent performing "SEXY" solo dance by himself!

Memorable performance of the night: Mr. VINCENT!!! Oh YEAH!

The crowd roars with applause!!!

Want to watch the action? Here's the video that I took on his dance. Sex-ayyy!!!

No doubt! This is the night's best performance ever! Since everyone knew about his dance, I'm sure he will probably get invited by someone who would like to invite him to perform in future events. Back to the Engineering King and Queen session, where the King and the Queen will be chosen based on the votes from every person. Here it is... the handsome and the beauty! Ahem.. ahem!! xD

And oh.. congratulations by the way to both of you!

Let's check out the rest of the photos... but before that I would like to give a special thanks to the photographer who took quite a lot of photos at that night, all the photos are credited to the photographer himself!

Oh crap, that was way too many photos to show here, but I only just hand-picked the nice photos. Well, this month is quite a busy month to deal with and I hope I could sleep well when September ends. I wish I could have updated my blog everyday but time permits. Just be happy at what you do and hopefully you will get what you have wished for. I will be back blogging again as soon as my ongoing tests and assignments are over, that means I can spare some time blogging again while waiting for my next assigned tasks. Take care! Adios!

p/s: Thanks to the committee members who have worked hard to make this night wonderful and also thanks to the person who have successfully 'pleaded' me to this event.

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