15 June 2010

5 Reasons Where The Karate Kids Have Differences

I was away for so long and I am just feeling happy that I can connect through hostel Internet after weeks of suffering. What can I say? I have enough of patience by just waiting. But still I prefer to use broadband instead.

The Karate Kid (1984) and The Karate Kid (2010). I can TELL THE DIFFERENCE between them!

Have you guys watch the latest "The Karate Kid" the movie? If yes, fine! If no, you should start watching the old and original "The Karate Kid" from the 80's first, then you can just watch the latest one. From what I see between the old and the current ones, let's find out how I can see a huge difference.

Reason 1
The latest one is actually a total misleading title.
The "Karate" Kid
Yup! This is some kind of changing the storyline other way round from the original one. I feel weird when the movie is started, as Dre Parker (played by Jaden Smith) and his mother move into China, which her mother has job transfer to there. Why China? I thought karate is from Japan origin. Does karate really came from China? Holy Sheet! Why not just change the title instead as
"The Kung Fu Kid"

Reason 2
The kids:
Ralph Macchio as Daniel Larusso

Jaden Smith as Dre Parker

This is the part where the main actors collide with each other. A boy with pure karate skills versus the younger boy with kung fu moves. Both of them have the same background history, being bullied by tough guys are common events that they both have when they fall for girls. Come on lah! Why the bullies "beh syok" (not comfortable) with the soft ones? In addition, the bullies were taught 'dirty' fighting skills by their teacher.

Both of them being rescued by their respective masters after the bullies have gone beyond "GODLIKE". I was impressed by the masters which they have shown their fighting skills, overpowering the bullies. Hooray!

Here come the difference. Daniel-san was actually taught the secrets of Karate from his master, Mr. Miyagi while Xiao Dre learned the secrets of kung fu from Mr. Han, a maintenance guy who fix anything. Now you know it!

At the tournament, both Daniel and Dre were fighting their way to the semis until the opponent, which is an ally of the bullies, damage their left legs. Ouch! But the most interesting part is in the finals, they both do not wish to give up and challenge their respective main rival, whom are the main bully which they have met before.

In the finals match, both Daniel and Dre were injured when their legs were hit by their respective opponents. Ouch again! This time, both using the same ultimate skill, but different styles! Haih! I can't tell you much about it... later when you watch it sure not very exciting already.

Oooh, and one more thing, Daniel-san is white and Xiao Dre is black! Yeah! 

Reason 3
The holy masters:
Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita as Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

Jackie Chan as Mr. Han

I like the masters! They are very cool indeed. Yup. Both of them have the patience of teaching the alter ego students like Daniel-san and Dre respectively. You do not learn kung fu in few days time, but it depends on how willing the students wants to learn from their mentors. Sounds impossible to score A+ when you're lazy to study? I hope not. But I do suck at scoring higher. *sobs*
Their backgrounds? Mr. Miyagi migrated from Japan when World War 2 happens, and his wife died. You can find more detail by asking Uncle Google about it. Mr. Han, however, a maintenance guy nearby Dre's apartment. He has shown his extreme drunkness when the anniversary of his family's death came. Aww.. too bad Jackie cried along the way and smashed the car which he had fixed earlier. The car that he loses control which had cause the death of his wife and child. I don't remember when Jackie cried in previous movie but this is kinda first time to me. 

Reason 4
The girls:
*Whistles*... girls! No man can run away from girls. Haha! Just kidding. 
Ali Mills (played by Elisabeth Shue) is Daniel's dearest girlfriend. Pity her lah really, cuz she gets mad when she sees Daniel get beaten by the bullies. Mei Ying (played by Wenwen Han) also feels that way same like Ali. Aww... both of the girls are nice. But if I have the chance to date one of them, I will horn my fighting skills to impress girls. Hehe! :P

Reason 5
Movie ratings:
First of all, the old style and the original "The Karate Kid" has been my favourite for a long time. The story is very nice. And for the latest version of "The Kung Fu Kid", I can say that it is interesting to watch and by far one of the best movie that I had watched for this year. So you can just book your tickets today and watch until the max! :D

Overall, "The Karate Kid" from the 80's is better compared to the 21st century version. Next up, Toy Story 3?

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  1. haha! I am sure this would be a nice movie too!

  2. ohhh nice comparison there! i watched both n both equally nice... (during their years la) haha

  3. i like the way 'xhio dre' calling Mr Han. veri kiut!!! overall i gif tis movie 46 bintang. hehe. buleh?

  4. U are right, karate originated from china in the Tang dynasty.

  5. @joegrimjow: I haven't watch A-Team yet... >.<

    @Baboon: Yes it does! :D

    @Henry Lee: Yep! Thanks! Both are nice... :D

    @redriben: so many? haha! I give 70/100! :D

    @Kelvin: ehh? No wonder... but karate is more known to the Japanese. Huhu~~~

  6. 1984? Way before I was born, lols! But seriously, I recommend you to watch A-Team. Slightly same to The Losers, but A-Team is better. =]