13 May 2010

Outing In City

Last Friday, my bro is having his school bowling club training. So I went together with him too. When I reached there, most of the school club members are already there waiting, but the teacher haven't came. Previously, I was the president of the club. It is quite fun to have my members training together as a team. But sadly, when I came, I saw them wearing the latest which are plain and simple bowling club T-shirt. Furthermore, the students are not behaving very well. Now it's totally different than the last time I established this club with the help of my teacher, Sir Joo Kee. Thanks to him, he has sacrifices his time for us and for our bowling success.

"Morning Photosnap"

Bowling Club T-shirt dubbed as "worst" than previous ones.

I went to bowling alley and I bowled for 3 games. Look at my score! I bowled this high... for a game. Please don't call me pro lah! I will go jump into the sea... Haha!

After my bowling game, I had wished to watch Iron Man 2 there but... I can't afford to buy a ticket to watch it. *Sob sob*

Nice and sexy iron suit you have, Tony! :D

Instead, me and my bro went down together with his friends to eat at Pak Hainan Restaurant, located in Lower Ground floor, City Plaza.

Here's what we have ordered:
I ordered Black Pepper Chicken Cube Steam Rice. *Half-eaten* (RM5.80)

Chicken Cube Steam Rice (RM5.80)

Vanilla Oreo (RM5.80)

Nasi Rendang Ayam (RM7.20)

My half-drank Teh "O" Ice (RM2.20)

French Fries (RM4.20)

Overall, the food is quite nice! However, I'm always short of drinking water. For me, 1 glass of drink is not enough. They should refill for me on my same glass FOC!! Haha! *just kidding!*

After lunch meal, we went to play snooker. I'm quite addicted to snooker but I don't play gambling. This is my one of my favourite sport because it can made me decide, aim and target at the same time by just pocketing the balls to earn points. Sounds simple? I don't think so. On top of that, you'll need to think strategically on how you land your cue ball for your next ball pocketing or how to "snook" your opponent by creating obstruction between cue ball and the targeting ball. Hehe! :D

My bro in action.

Ready... Aim... Shoot!

No no... trying to shoot another angle.

My junior future bowler, Ding Feng.

Snooker has always been my favourite game after bowling. But I'm still suck at playing it, so calling all the professionals please... "Guide me to success in snooker!!" :P

McD has shown it's direction to me.

I have enjoyed my day. But what I missed is the McD's double meat burger. No worries! I still can have them when I'm in Penang. :D


  1. ok..am i too old or wat.....nowadays the schools have bowling club?? lol

  2. Nice blog you have bro..speed retrieve very fast..will update your blog in my 1001bloglist.blogspot.com under blogger - english

  3. @ohmywtf: yeah... nowdays bowling is increasingly popular! :D

    @JAI: thanks! :D

  4. I never score so high in bowling before...the best i had is 130 XD