15 May 2010

New Semester Starting Soon...

Just a short update on my blog.

I will be in Penang again for my new semester. For my coming new semester, I heard from my coursemates that the timetable schedules is really jam-packed. OMG! I must be prepared to face the short semester as I have to follow the study pace. If not I will surely cannot catch up with it. Idioms in Malay "Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan" (prepare an umbrella before it rains). Get ready for it or you will get free natural shower! *Actually you can fall sick or get caught in cold* :D

Results? I haven't get my results yet. FML! My coursemates have already known their respective results expect me. Actually I have a sixth sense that one of my subject is hanging on the balance between pass and fail. There will be a 50-50 chance to get a pass. Hopefully I won't faint when I get the results soon. Haha!

All rite! Time to prepare and back to college again. Before I end, be sure to check out my next updates on my VLOG #2 on my blog. Just follow me on Twitter and I will let you know when I will update cuz I'm still editing the video. Btw, the sound is now available with crystal clear audio for your hearing pleasure.

As for my VLOG #1, I have 100 views! Thank you for your support and once again I'm apologised for low sound quality. FYI, I'm not like nigahiga, the creator of "Off The Pills" on Youtube which has a stunning millions of video views and subscribers. Go check it out and you will know that I'm not comparable as him. Teehee!

p/s: My hair again? My mum set my hair for me. xD


  1. waaa, your mum so nice one, help you to set your hair hehe

  2. Baru start holiday, u think about next sem liao? goodness.. hahaha..

    need so hardcore mah?

    Teddy aka Wanderer

  3. Tat hair looks angry XD

  4. @hilda: Thanks! Actually I set myself also no style wanx.. :D

    @Wanderer: no ehh... this week starting d... man I'm not like the hardcores who are planning very early. :D

    @kelvin: Lol... yep! :D