26 April 2010

Time Flies... Fast

/*I just ended my 2nd exam paper this morning, already felt disappointed that I might fail the subject. Man, I had studied quite hard for this toughest subject ever. I really should prepare for a retake by now. That's sucks!*/

It's almost May, what am I gonna do? My life would be so bored that I can only just stare in front of my lappy all the time. And I just noticed that my dearly Moto V3 phone is now 6 years old. I should change a new handphone by now, but I still have not enough money to afford it. Damn sad! :-(

What I want is the quite-so-new Nokia 5800, loaded with 3.2 Megapixels camera, and other cool features like Navigator, XpressMusic, and much more.

It is the coolest touchscreen phone I ever saw. I get to feel it but I can't own it. The original price for this 5800 is now still around RM1k, but I am still finding the best price offered from the dealer, or anywhere else that I can find. Ori phone with gifts for less than RM900 can arr?

This morning, I just went to meet my C++ programming lecturer, Mr Shahriman. My purpose of visiting him is to get explanation from him with my failed 2nd test. Oh now I understand that I suck at answering tough questions. Earlier in the test, I don't know what the hell am I answering so I simply give random answer that make sense to him, from there I might score some lucky points. In the end, it didn't worked out. OMG!

He then looked through the image search about Satria Neo. He seems like wanted to buy that car, but I suspect that he will be going to buy it sooner or later. Market price for this car is RM42k? This is far more cheaper than MyVi and the engine capacity is much more larger. The negative part is that Satria Neo "drinks" a lot of petrol. Really?

I am thinking about buying a car and I have been surveying and making comparisons between cars in terms of fuel efficiency, performance and most importantly, price of the car. Whether or not Proton has discounts, or Perodua has low loan rates, what I still lack is money! I'm so desperate to get a car now. Hope that money will fall from the sky soon. :D

Anyway, that's my 2 things I needed very much. Time flies... I will be waiting to have it!


  1. nokia tu adik dni beli RM930 kat sungai petani..

  2. skrg gua tga kumpul duit nak beli henset baru jgk! T^T

  3. @ardinihumaira: serious? Ori ka? ade beri free gift x?

    @Alynn Notnot: skrg beli senang, kumpul duet susah! xD

  4. (; two only? not too greedy, so i think God would bless you, pray hard for Him to get a phone fall from sky for u xD