04 April 2010

Thank You Giant!

Last Friday afternoon, I went to Giant together with my friends. Why I go Giant? My friends and I stopped by looking at the promotions there, and that's the reason Giant is the "low price leader in Malaysia". Really? Well, I guess you should think again!

Who the hell does not like free gifts? I sure do.

My friends purpose of visiting Giant is to buy something for their food supplies in their hostel. After searching and surveying prices of the food items such as the student's favourite Maggi instant noodles, biscuits, Milo and many more, they have found their ideal choice for their meal, Cereals!

So what's so special about the cereals? Hmm... these are healthy for our breakfast. *But I also ate this for lunch and dinner too. This has been my "popcorn" while watching movie too. It's been a while since I enjoyed these cereals very much.*

We went there, and grab 3 econo packs of cereals. (Koko Krunch, Honey Stars & Corn Flakes costs between RM4.99 to RM9.49) *Quite cheap man! But sadly I don't have enough cash to buy that time.*

Notice this Koko Krunch Econo Pack.

Every purchase of large Koko Krunch, you will get a free Milo cereal box (170g normal pack) worth RM5.99. And something fun is going to be happened.

I know you guessed it! The other 2 boxes do not have promotion for free Milo cereal pack. The Malay guy at the redemption counter saw 3 boxes of my friend's cereals from the top, and he did not check out the receipt that the promotional item is supposed to be given out. He then gives out the free Milo pack for every boxes that he saw from the top! Walao!!! We were shocked for the moment and I stood there witnessing the greatest gifting moment ever. Unbelievable!

Check out these 2 boxes without promotional free gift. Giant "rocks"!

The price of econo pack for Corn Flakes is RM4.99. But hey, Corn Flakes is much more cheaper than Milo cereals by RM1. Oh yeah! How can we resist such a wonderful gift that is more expensive than the goods? That's the total syok-ness, or satisfaction my friend have. =D

He is supposed to get only these...

But he ended up getting with these...


My goodness, he is one hell of lucky guy! Today he profits, so he must belanja me one. Let's calculate how much he had paid for these cereals:

Koko Krunch = RM9.49
Honey Stars = RM9.49
Corn Flakes = RM4.99
Total = RM23.07
BUT with the 3 boxes of free Milo Cereals 
= 3 x RM5.99 
= RM17.97

So why pay more? Thank you Giant once again! You have made our country "proud" as the low price leader. Does this sounds like a April fool to you? xD

Credits:- ::Storyboard Of A Teen Guy:: Cereals Thanks To Giant


  1. is this some advertisement or what? lol =)

  2. @kenwooi: I do not advertise on behalf of Giant. I just lucky to see the Malay guy gives extra Milo cereal... :-)

    @kRaZy: Thanks, but too bad for me I din get to buy one of the cereals.. T__T

  3. ask ur friend to belanja u the free milo cereals lo XD

  4. haha your post makes me wanna eat honey stars for breakfast tomorrow hehe

  5. I used to eat cereals when I was in college. But now, I'm sticking to oatmeal.

    I don't know, maybe I think I'm too old for cereals and sugary breakfast.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. @theeggyolks: Haha! Asked d... If he can't finish the cereals then he will give... xD

    @daidai bel: Lol! Go and have one now...! xD

    @wickedsago: Haha! I am hungry for more cereals now, since entering college I was neglected by the cereals already... btw you're welcome! :-)

  7. hahaha memang save a lot norhx xD~

  8. @c0co: yea... I was stunned when my friend receives extra ones...