24 April 2010

A Short Trip To Hatyai, Thailand

Recenly, I just went to Hatyai together with my parents. FYI, I went there a lot of times already, and this time is my.. uhm? I lost count already. Hah! This time my bro was not joining us cuz he only be home after lunch time from his training for MSSM Bowling competition which will be held in Melaka this weekend. The reason I came back from study break cuz I wanted to study in quiet place so that nobody will disturb me. Oh well, I admit that I'm so free to go anywhere within my study break, but I still worry that I will miss out my studies and can't score well. So I better just stay at home and study harder.

We reached there at about 9am local time. Nothing much to visit in Hatyai, we stopped by Market Bazaar to buy something to cook at home. After that, we pay a visit to Tesco Lotus (for Thai they add Lotus word, are they collaborate with our Lotus F1 team by any chance?) to buy some snacks.

Swensens, the ice cream shop with wonderful choices of flavours. I have ordered this one.

Chocolate Ring-A-Ding

My mum chooses this, but I don't remember the name well. Btw, it's really mouth-watering for you guys I supposed.

And my mum's cousin choose...

I dun dare to tell the price cuz it is quite expensive. My first look that the cash register, it wrotes "249.00". OMG! RM249? Walao! And then I convert the numbers to Thai Baht. Oh! It was just RM24.90 in local money.

After that, we went to Makro! (Makro in Malaysia extinct already? I don't remember when I last go Makro in Penang *converted to Tesco Extra*)

While my parents buying some stuffs, I saw this product name which probably being prevented from entering Malaysia. Lol!

Okay, it was just a short post on my short trip. Since I was in exam mode, I won't be blog walking around for the moment. Tata for now.

*p/s: My new haircut!


  1. You went there for nth time. I haven't been there before :(

  2. @xiaopei: Ohh.. you should go there.. very nice! :-)

  3. YER!! Gambar x pakai baju!! HAHA!! Censored! LOL