22 April 2010

My Dream Destination

Everyone would love to travel around the world, only if they have lots of money, or they even accumulated their money so that they can travel along with their loved ones. There are a lot of places to travel, but if there is someone can travel around the world within 80 days? Hmm... probably Jackie Chan has travelled all the places already.

My dream destination is either Singapore and United Kingdom, or USA I would also preferred to go too. First, I choose Singapore because I had went there once together with my family since I was young. For the past 10 over years, Singapore has changed a lot in terms of tourists destinations and buildings. If I have the chance to go there, I will visit Sentosa Island, Resorts World, Universal Studio Singapore and lots more. One of the amazing things that Singapore has is that the place is beautiful and rubbish-free. Speaking about rubbish-free, waste management in Malaysia is still uncomparable to Singapore.

Why United Kingdom is my second choice? I prefer to UK because I wanted to visit... my favourite football club, Manchester United! "Glory Glory Man Utd!" I will surely visit the stadium and maybe I will get the chance to meet Sir Alex Ferguson and get his autograph from him. Not just the manager of the club, I maybe can get autographs from the players too, including Rooney. Woohoo! Besides visiting the football club, I can explore the lifestyle of the people living in UK and also some interesting places worth to visit.

How about USA? Well, if I have the chance to visit, then I will go for New York and Los Angeles, and also Las Vegas too. Why Las Vegas? The ultimate place for gambling, and they are meant for rich people only. Yikes! If I have lots of money, I won't go for gambling at there, but I will support Genting! Los Angeles, the home to Hollywood, globally recognised as the epicenter of the motion picture industry. If the company invites me for movie shoot, then probably you can see me in theatres anytime. In US, there are countless places to go, not just the main cities.

So that's my dream destination, and what's yours?

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  1. nice one..nanti kita gi travel sesama..hikhik!

  2. @cik Norfa: Okie... baik!