15 April 2010

Ipoh One Day Trip

Ipoh, the capital city of Perak. I have been there quite a few times. This time I went together with my classmates since Andy, the "tour guide" is organising the trip. We went there just only to have chicken as our lunch and dinner. Uhm... what kind of chicken that I'm talking about? Ahh...! The Ipoh famous Salted Chicken and Bean Sprout Chicken.

Salted chicken costs me RM16 for one whole piece. I bought one for my grandma since she haven't eat salted chicken long time ago. I took home and the chicken is still fresh when steamed. No wonder it's the best from Ipoh.

Upon reaching Ipoh, we first visit Pesta Ria at Methodist Girls' School. The place is really crowded, more happening than my former high school's "open day". There are games booth, food and beverage stalls, charity sales and many more. What's more happening? I can see lots of girls there. Whoa! *Sorry, I'm not that pervert!*

Why my friends are coming here? They wanted to come here to hunt some nice girls, but in the end they failed to find one. Lol! I was bored when hanging around the GIRLS' school. The only point is that the fun fair is organised for the school development purposes.

Sitting in the school compound

After that, we went to Ipoh Parade, which is the largest mall in Ipoh so far. We just walking around searching and surveying the shops. I stopped by looking for something in a computer shop, wishing to get a new handphone. By the way, that week happens to be PC Fair week in Penang and I have no idea what am I gonna buy here, and the price is quite expensive. Sigh!

Time to "buy" new laptop! xD

Gab and I impressed with the new computer with newly-built core from Intel.

Next, we walked around the mall and suddenly got people snap pictures from behind. One of my friend's GF snapping around and hey... I don't know why she took pictures of me and I feel ashamed. Haha! But for me, the saddest thing I don't have in my pocket is a handy dandy camera.

I wish I could have a Samsung NX10 now. Compact and great functionality but it is little bit heavier than normal DSLRs. This camera comes with stunning 14.6 megapixels which makes a superb clear and sharp image. I have tested it at PC Fair in Penang and it was really wonderful to snap some pictures around. The price for NX10 is between RM2700 to RM3100.

Enough of my dreams! Let's continue...

 Me and Gabriel


I am quite a Nike shoe fan. Little you did not know that my mum has made shoes at Nike factory in Bangkok since she was young. I really can't believe that she has worked for Nike before. Everytime when I entered any Nike outlets, I always feel that the Nike shoes are like heaven! But... the shoes are darn expensive! Holy s**t! I can never have a new and original shoes, since I was wearing one which is the "best price" from the pasar malam. 

Choosing a new pair of shoes.

 *Yawn!!!* I have all of these already, says Erik

Although I'm broke, but I can still managed to order a cup of ice blended coffee from Starbucks. That cup costs me RM16.30 including tax. It's been a while since I have tasted Starbucks coffee few years back. The coffee is still as nice as before. Wooo...!

When dinner time, we gather for a meal of Bean Sprout Chicken in town area. One cannot leave from Ipoh without a nicely cooked chicken served seperately with bean sprouts. I'm just feeling hungry until I forgot to snap some pictures of ourselves. *Burp~~~! Excuse me...* :-)

What a day I have there, but for the mean time we haven't visit Lost World of Tambun yet. So our next trip will be going for a big fun splash there. I'm looking forward to it. As a conclusion, the trip is nothing much special but I have enjoyed to the fullest.


  1. i've been in ipoh for so long but never been to Lost World.. just passed by la =P