17 April 2010

5 Popular Roofings that Will Beautify and Protect Your Home

There are so many types of roofing materials you can see in different places.  The most common types include asphalt shingles, slate, tiles, wood shingles, and metal roofing.

When planning for a new house or renovating your home, roofing is one thing you need to consider well since it plays an important role in beautifying your house while protecting it from different weather conditions.  You need to be familiar with the different types of roofing as well as its characteristics to make a wise choice.  Here are the most common types of roofing:

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common types of roofing for residential houses.  They are usually composed of fiberglass or recycled paper mixed with asphalt and covered with colored mineral granules.  With the arising problems of being easily damaged by high winds, heavy rains, and very high heat, asphalt shingles are now made thicker, more textured, and more durable.  Homeowners prefer this type of roofing since it is cheap to install, durable, stylish, available in many colors, and basic repairs can be done without the need to hire a roofing company.  A roofing contractor would also love to take on asphalt shingles roofing projects because they are faster and easier to install than other materials used for roofing.


A Slate roof is popular because of its traditional classic beauty and exceptional durability.  It is water-proof and very hard to wear despite of extreme weather conditions.  Some even last for hundreds of years.  It is made by splitting big blocks of slate rock, which is a sedimentary rock usually composed of clay and volcanic materials.  Because of its expensive nature, it has become popular mostly in upscale houses.  Aside from from being an expensive material, installation and maintenance of slate roofing is also costly because it is difficult to put up due to its heaviness.  In addition, only a few contractors accept this kind of roofing project.  As an alternative, some homeowners who want a slate look in their homes, prefer to use rubber slate or compositions slate, which are only about one-third of the weight of real slate, making it easy and cheaper to install.


Tiles have become popular roofing, usually made of clay or ceramic materials.  These are durable, insect-proof, fire-proof, and are available in many different sizes and shapes to fit the look of your house.  The problem with clay tiles though, is that they are expensive and heavy in nature.  Like using a slate for your roof, you will be needing a roof support and the structure of your house must be strong enough to bear the weight of your roof.

Wood shingles

Wood shingles have become a favorite to many homeowners because of its pleasant, natural look.  Its installation needs to be done by a roofing contractor because of its complexity.  Usually made out of cedar, cypress, or red wood, they need to be regularly maintained to keep it from rotting as well as to get rid of molds and insects that can ruin your roof.  When properly maintained, it is said to last from 30-50 years.


A metal roof is durable, which can last up to 75 years.  In the past years, homeowners would not prefer using this type of roofing material for aesthetic reasons.  However today, metal roof fabricators have come up with shingles look, and made metal roofs available in many attractive colors to fit your home. This type of roofing almost does not require maintenance as it is suitable for all weather conditions.  It is also very lightweight compared to other roofing materials.  Finally, it is environment friendly, especially when using aluminum roofing, since aluminum can be recycled over and over.

With the options given, what you need to consider when choosing your roof now would be the style and structure of your house.  Follow your taste, too.  These days, roofing materials are designed to last longer, so you better choose what look you really want your house to have.  As long as it is durable and well-maintained, and as long as you have the budget, then go for it.

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