27 March 2010

The One Of It's Kind Pizza Stand

Special message from sonnykazu:
"In conjunction with our Earth Hour Day, I had felt the moment of darkness before when power breakdown. It was fun, but the room is hot! Ok, so let's continue to support Earth Hour! And I also would like to wish my big fan of bowling, Malaysian Bowling Queen Shalin Zulkifli, whose birthday falls on March 28, "Happy Birthday to you!!" And let's not forget about myself too. Happy b'day to me! xD"


What you see is what you get, what you ordered is what you choose for your pizza toppings. Breaking news! There is a new automated pizza maker in town. Freshly made by machine, oven hot pizza that makes you hungry for more.

Will this kind of pizza making machine be available in Malaysia? Will Pizza Hut be going to use that? Hmm... I wonder how it will be in the future.

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  1. wow..self-service pizza machine.. so cool.. lol =)