13 March 2010

My Name Is SonnyKazu

Have you ever wanted to know more about me? If yes, then I shall tell you a little bit about myself since I haven't introduce myself yet.

Did you know how I came up this name "SonnyKazu"?

Well, I played this online game, it's called RAN Online. A Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing game (MMORPG) that has the opportunity for gamers which they can utilise their characters with loads of weapons, armours, upgrades and also roaming around the virtual world and much more. This game is popular quite a long time ago. It is nice to play until the private server hops in, then my playing mood is vanished slowly, until I fully quit this game. Sad huh. But I'm not that too addicted as a gamer you know, not like DotA. I suck at leveling. xD

I'm not talking about me myself playing this, the reason I'm talking about is I find it quite hard to choose a suitable name for my character. Hey, it's not easy though, I have thought for this for long time before I had finalised a name. I made quite a lot of characters with different jobs. First name that I had came up with is "KZX". Then the "Kazu" name came from my own, it sounds like a Japanese name. I never thought that finding a suitable name is that tough. Fuhh~~~!

The next game I played is known for best 2D online game, MapleStory.

Personally, I played this game quite a while. No matter how much you played, still you will feel bored when it comes to leveling your character. Yeah, I mean it! Leveling sucks!

Before I play, of course I have to pick a suitable name for my character. That's when "Sonny" name comes in my mind. "SonnyKZX", "SonnyMage" or whatever the names that I have created, I played half way and I switch for another character.

In the end, I have create a name "SonnyKazu" for my own character. I played for at least few levels before quitting the game completely. By the way, I have left the game because I was busily doing something else. So I advised myself not to get addicted to online game so much.


I am also a former state bowling player. I have played bowling since I was 8 when my dad brought me to play bowling in my hometown. I have thrown my first ball and there it goes, where? To the gutter of course. My dad invited a coach to guide me the basics and the techniques of bowling. I respect the coach since he is very nice to me and not to mention he is also quite strict too. Thanks to him, he had guide me to victory in some local competitions.

At the age of 12 years old, I had qualified to represent Kedah for Malaysian School Sports Council Bowling Competition which was held in Seremban. I feel proud and happy as this was my first time in the competition. Everyone in the team including my parents see me as a hopeful person to win a gold medal in my category.

The best memories I had there is I have won silver in the Singles and a GOLD from Team event. This is my first national medal that I have won. The officals, coaches and supporters are stunned with the performance of our bowling team. When I reached home, I was invited from the numerous association to their prize giving ceremony for my achievements. National newspapers also have mentioned about my name too, but I didn't see any pictures of myself since. I was interviewed by Kwang Wah newspaper too. *Damn! I was nervous when I was interviewed. It was my first time being interviewed. No doubt I'm a bit shy. The proof of my interview? I will show in the next post.*

My bowling days have made me popular among the young bowling community, as I was the one of the only few Chinese bowler in Kedah state. I was grateful that I can achieve so much, thanks to my supporters, especially my parents and coaches. Thank you! Love you guys! Cheers!

Now I had quit the sport as I have to catch up with my studies, so I just can't concentrate on everything at a time. Study first! :-)

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