29 March 2010

INTI Penang Car Park Facilities A Big Let Down

After a year of studies in my college, I have observed and heard about the students' views and opinions about the college facilities. What are they disappointed of anyway? Well, most of the students are very much disappointed about the car park facilities that has very limited parking space. As you know, the students in college keep increasing every year, and so do the number of cars in the college. Why is this so happening?

FYI, the reason I post this is to how to solve this parking problem with just only a limited space available. Please don't hate me because I don't hate them, I was just feeling disappointed only. Btw, do you know what did the college management suggested for students about car park? Obviously, they encourage us to car pool to college so that they can increase a little bit parking space. But for me, I don't think car pooling will be effective enough since most of the students drive alone, without any passenger. So what if the college has over 1000 students with each driving a car, and the parking lot has only 200? The remaining students who can't find any parking space will left their car either alongside the road or the hostel parking area, that means they have to go for a distance walk to the college.

 Seen from top view. Porsche on bottom right corner!

The another worst factor that affect the parking space is the hostel is just a 5 minutes walk to the college, and there are some students bringing along their car too. But I noticed that there are quite a number of students who prefer driving their car to college from hostel. What the hell?! Are your legs hurt by any chance? Or is it being lazy? Come on, hostel students have legs, why can't you guys just walk to the college since you can save some space for them to park? Be a considerate people!

Let's just take a look about the situation whereby the parking lots are being occupied, and occupied again by another car.

Obstacle is unavoidable. Parking has not been this easier. Just get lost, don't block my way out!

Here is the another interesting one, all the parking space should be filled as much as possible, just like this car. The owner of this car has done an impressive job squeezing for a space to park. LMAO!

You see this MyVi!!! Is it stuck in between the pillars?

Look at that! How amazing it was! How close it was, but how the driver gonna come out?

You have seen the way they park... and I have nothing much to say about it.
BMW: I see you love me so much, I don't think we will be together for long.
Saga: Please... don't leave me! I'm old but still single... T__T

There is a hate-love relationship going on in this college car park area too. Love it if you park your car randomly, and hate it when people vandalise your dear car.

MyVi: I'm sorry, someone broke my ear! (mirror-lah!)

If you dare to park outside the road, the white cops will be here for a free ticket giveaway at anytime. 

Man in white is giving away a free ticket pass to that Kelisa. The ticket is for the summons of course!

To avoid that, you can do so inside the college, but the penalty is much more cheaper than the outside. Don't try this as this is for only rich people doing all these sorts of parking. I do seriously love weird drivers with funny parking styles.

Wira: I'm a hero! And I just locked my own tyre with a clamper.

Tips of the day: Lazy to drive up? You can bring your car to the lift here.

Oh... I almost forgot. I have seen a Facebook page named "I HATE INTI Penang's Car Park!".

That is not just a hate page, it was created for a discussion about how to solve the matter about the car park. Although I thought this page is for haters only, now it has attracted up to 900 fans already. What's even more better? Our principal has seen this page too. He also concerned about what is the car park situation and will look into it. Is it going to be multi-storey car park? I guess is "no" because there is isn't sufficient land to build.

Last request from me: Please solve this car park problem! Thank you.

Credits: Photos are taken from Facebook page "I HATE INTI Penang's Car Park!"


  1. hmm.. quite troublesome really.. but the best thing is not to drive a car then.. i'd rather walk (if from hostel la).. =)

  2. wah.. i donno what happend to ur inti.. haha
    almost car driver always park crazy like this. shit..

    they dont think about other, just want thier self easy 1st

  3. @Luth Textile: Yeah... hate their attitude of driving!

    @Kenwooi: That's the way! Hostel students should walk to college, even during rainy season. xD

  4. Found your post from Google Search and I'm hoping to enroll in Inti Penang next year, now I know the wise choice is to NOT drive to class. Lol! Thanks for the info, it was funny to read too :)

  5. fuck inti penang.. fuck micheal yap.. asshole..