01 March 2010

7 Important Things You Need to Know about Replacement Windows

The following are the important things you need to know about replacement windows: definition, limitation, best time to replace windows, importance of a professional installer, instances when its not necessary, cost of the replacements, suitable framing materials.

A replacement window is oftentimes considered as an odd thing since what you take out from your existing window is not entirely replaced by the new one which is the replacement window. Replacement windows are common issues, yet their information is oftentimes kept hidden. In order to completely understand the basics of a replacement window, here are some relevant information about it that you might want to find out:


A replacement window is capable of replacing almost all the elements of  an existing window. The current window's frame is retained to hold the replacement window. It is most likely that the glass area of the replacement window is smaller than that of the current window.


A replacement window is not capable of replacing the entire existing window. Its purpose is merely to replace majority of the window parts such as the glass and all of its moving parts. But, the frame stays the same.

Best time to replace windows

You would know that it is time to replace your windows when any of these things occur:

  • energy cost remains high even if you have done several cost-saving means such as the installation of wall and attic insulation.
  • when a chilly breeze comes into your house through the tiniest holes in your windows or window frames.
  • normally double-paned windows should stay moderately cold when you touch even in very cold seasons. When it happens that it becomes very cold to the touch, then it signals the need for some replacements.
  • rusted casement window hinges as well as latches resulting to difficulty in opening and closing your windows would absolutely require a replacement and not just a repair.
  • when it is quite impossible to make necessary repairs and repainting, then it is time for you to have replacement windows.
  • when there is a need for some replacements and funds are available to finance this project.

Importance of a professional installer

To have this kind of improvement project, you definitely need a professional installer. Professionals have the appropriate tools and have the skillful ability to perform this type of work. It is highly recommended to look for the leading installers in the area to avoid any regrets later on. In fact, there are several professional installers of San Francisco replacement windows who can guarantee a longer warranty period.

Instances when its not necessary

There are instances when replacement windows are not the answer to your worn-out windows. When you are entirely replacing a wall or when the structure of the area surrounding the window is completely deteriorated, then a new construction window is what you need and not any replacement at all. When cold or heat easily passes through the house, then a repair on the seal of your window might be just what it needs for the moment.

Cost of the replacements

The cost of your replacement windows would depend on the following factors:

  • your locality
  • window materials
  • glazing types
  • installer

Suitable framing materials

The common framing materials are as follows:

  • vinyl - does not require any painting or sealing and is less expensive as compared to wood. It is also capable of restraining energy loss.
  • wood - this is recommended for those who want to create a classic look in their home.
  • metal - it is the worst when it comes to saving energy. But, it is necessary in contemporary-style homes.

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