05 January 2010

My Name Is Featured!

I just know that my name has been featured in MTBC website and The Star Newspaper Sports Secction dated 5 January 2010 and also it's website.

Under 21 Boys category - I am standing far left side.

This category I play consists of 5 boys shown above. You know what? I was the last place finisher, that means I am number 5. Well, I have done my best to finish the tournament with style. RM50 cash plus a hamper is a good consolation for me. Previously I have won 2 consecutive Piala Remaja Milo Ranking Masters GP finals champion for Under 15 in year 2004 and 2005. That was really a memorable moment as I am very nervous in the stepladder finals.

You can also check out more details on:

Adios...! Good luck everyone! Thanks for viewing my blog! ^_^

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