17 January 2010

I Hate Reckless Drivers!

Yeah! You know what I meant on my title blog right? Nowdays, drivers are behaving like crazy. Why did I say crazy? Well, first of all, most of the drivers in Malaysia have different reasons for being driving recklessly on the road. Be it as an emergency case, not patiently waiting when traffic jams, driving at top speed, showing off driving skills and many more. Are you gonna making a spotlight for doing these? Do you scare to lose just because you want to be at the front of all the drivers out there? You "KiaSu" (scare to lose in Hokkien), I "KiaSi" (scare to die in Hokkien)!

Now, I'm gonna tell you about 2 cases or situation that I hate the most when I was driving back home last week.

Case 1: First I (in blue colour) was stopping at a traffic light junction. There was no car beside my lane by that time. Just before the lights turn green, I had earlier noticed a car that was speeding behind me. When I was about to turn into the corner, that car (in red colour) suddenly turns right in front of me. The car then sped away just like that. "$%@&*!" I was shocked and angry. However, I still managed to keep calm and continue my journey home. My mind said, "Curse you f***er! Faster get accident!" LOL!

Case 2: I was just not to think about what had happened in Case 1 until another car (in red colour) suddenly jumps through my lane, and almost bang the divider. That driver then sped away just like that. "WTF! I can't take this anymore!" I am very pissed until I was gonna challenge that driver. I can't do so because my aunt is sitting just beside me, so I just keep driving safely until we reach home peacefully.

For both drivers in 2 cases that I had mentioned, YES! You... Hello...! This is a public road, not a racing playground. If you wish to race then you can do so at Sepang lah! Why are you so stubborn and selfish as a driver? I do not understand how you guys driving, but those situation that I mentioned shown a very bad example to our younger drivers who are still learning to drive.

Please, show some respect to our drivers. Please drive safely. Do not attempt to drive recklessly when the road is busy or crowded. Make sure you pay attention when you are driving on the roads.

And last but not least, happy driving! ^_^

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