03 January 2010

BBQ Party @ New Year's Eve

Tomorrow I will be starting my 3rd semester in INTI Penang. Hmm.. holidays are over, but I still wonder how am I gonna face this stern challenge in this fresh year. Oh well, back to studies anyway! Wish me good luck! :P

On New Year's Eve, I went to Zhen Ching's BBQ party at his home. He personally invited me by text messaging to me very early in the morning the day before yesterday. LoL! So I agreed by replying his message.

The night at Zhen Ching's BBQ party.

Party host ignites the start of the night

Getting ready to start...

Venny, nice pose...

The moon was so bright!

Erm... the problem is my camera battery exhausted. So I am really disappointed for not bringing the battery charger back from Penang. By that time I had lost precious moments at the party. However, do not fret cuz I still have captured some photos from my bro's handphone. Haha!

I only know the party is gonna end later than expected, so my dad came to pick me up at about 1.30am. That's called late!

I'm gonna miss you guys, Venny, Justine, Zhen Ching, Hui Yee, Wanian a.k.a. Miss Sh*t, Zhong Zhi, Shu Ai and Man Aik. However, Zhen Ching study same college as mine, but different course. I still can meet him anytime. Hehe!

I guess I have to keep on going. I wish I can have broadband internet so that do not need to find free wi-fi somewhere. It is really troublesome without Internet. So what do you think if you do not have internet? Is it end of the world without internet? I guess so... Every opinions from people are different. Some may agree or disagree.

Good Luck everyone! ^_^


  1. nice bbq there
    u must be very exhausted when u start the fire

  2. LOL!
    I'm not the one started the fire... :P
    It's my friend or the host who started it... Haha!
    BTW, thanks for your comment! ^_^