06 December 2009

Trip to Bangkok

(All time mentioned are at GMT +7 unless stated)

November 24-26
My mum, my bro and I went to Bangkok to visit relatives there. Flight journey from Hatyai to Bangkok Survanabhumi Airport is around 1 hour 20 minutes. Reached Bangkok about 1.30pm then ride my aunt's Vios to Singburi. Journey to Singburi is about 2 hours from Bangkok. Reached Wat Ambhavan at 4.15pm, register ourselves to stay at the temple for 3 days. After we change our clothings, from here we start evening chanting at 6pm, then we learn how to do sitting and walking meditation by master. After the tutorial around 9pm, my bro and I went to our room and have a good night sleep. My mum and my aunt went seperate room as men and women cannot talk to each other, or even themselves because it may distract each others' mind. From there, we meet Lung Daeng. He is kind and helpful to us throughout our 3 days meditation. I'm thankful that he give a lot of advice about human life. We have to do meditation 4 rounds every day. 3 hours per round.

We have to wake up before 3.30am to get ready to go morning chanting and meditation at 4am. At 6.15am, I had breakfast served with hot porridge. It's tasty too... yummy! After having breakfast, I just straight go to sleep and rest for an hour without taking a bath. Why? It is still early in the morning, outside is cold, I don't like to shower with cold water. I tried to shower, but my body started to shake and shake. COLD!!!! I was like not showering for 1 whole day. But I ain't smelly at all. Hehe! 8am start 2nd round of meditation. Until 11pm I straight go eat lunch. What's for lunch? Just an ordinary Thai meal, nothing special. Later in the afternoon, 3rd round of meditation has started. By that time my sitting meditation was a failure, because I can't bear the pain as my legs are crossed. Ouch! Walking meditation I can concentrate well, but for sitting meditation requires mental toughness. When you feel any pain you just say in your mind "Pain Nor..." and so on. 4pm tea break, we can only drink but cannot eat any food because we follow monks which only eats in the morning before 12pm. After 12pm we cannot eat any kind of food but can only drink whatever you want. Hmm.. After 12pm no food? What if I am hungry? Well... By that time I did not feel hungry at all. Weird for me. 4th round of meditation starts at 6pm. After 9pm then free activity, but not really. We are so exhausted by that time. My mum bought us warm corn juice. Yum! But I feel eating corn would be better. So there goes the next day, same time repeats the above mentioned.

My mum, my bro and me in Wat Ambhavan, Singburi Province, Thailand

November 27 - December 1
After morning chanting and meditation, we get set to change our clothes back to normal. There is a minor problem before we can leave the temple. That was a long story as we first came to the temple. I have seen Lung Por Jarun. My mum told me Lung Por is famous in this temple because he can know everything happening around him. After that, well... I did driving from Singburi to Phetchabun for 3 hours. Wow! The roads are bumpy and damaged, lorries are also scary. Driving here is more worrying than in Malaysia since they won't require to go training course which differs from Malaysia. Upon reaching my mum's hometown, we were happy to meet our relatives there. The place had changed a lot since I came few years ago. Coincidentally, this area also held a kampung pesta for 3 days. We were lucky to came at the beginning of the pesta. After dinner, bathing, clothes changed, then we all getting ready to go pesta.

Oh... and also this car audio competition on the first day of pesta.

About 12am, there is something wild going on in this pesta. Fighting brawl happened!!! The youths nowdays are different from old times. Most of them have their reasons to engage a fight, drunk, GFs, and other things. In pesta there always happen everytime I went there. On the spot I saw a guy scolded by girls, who seems to be included in "Triangle Love" I guess. Another guy felt enraged and was furious about the man. He grabbed the man's shirt and yelled at him. What a society is this today. Parents spoonfeed them too much until they went berserk. The youths followed their own friends to do whatever they do, even illegal activities. Nowdays the youths are far more dangerous and we have to prepare ourselves to face the unexpected happenings.

After pesta, there is no other thing to do left. Just enjoying kampung life and sometimes went watching DVD that I missed. Fast and Furious 4, Rambo IV, Get Smart (with The Rock and The Great Khali from WWE as actors) and more that kills my boring time here. I can also play snooker with my bro too. Wow! By the way, no internet at home? No problem. Cybercafes also available in kampung market area. WEEEE! I get to open Facebook but need to key in security code. What's that? This is due to conflict between different countries which uses the same username and password. That's the first to me which I need to verify the real user by entering the code given by email.

I also went to Phisanulok. My mum went to temple together with grandma and aunt too.
Journey to Phisanulok is about 2 hours. Quite far from here. After we went to the temple, we are going to have lunch. But where? My mum asks the lady who sells dresses where to eat around this town. She recommend us to eat "Koay Teow Hoi Ka" (Koay Teow Sitting Legs without chairs) which is quite famous around here. Hungry!

December 2 - 5
Ok, it's time to leave for Bangkok yet again. My mum feels wanna stay back for a while. We will be missing each other again. So we started our journey at 12pm from Phetchabun. After an hour, we stop by a shop to buy some things to eat. Then we came across another temple in Phetchabun. We visit the temple for a while.

After that, my mum's turn to drive go Bangkok. She drove quite fast around 120km/h. When we came across a yellow blinking traffic lights, my mum sense that incoming traffic flash high light which signals there is a speed trap. My mum does not know anything but she keep on drive at fast speed. And then, highway police standing by the side. He sees us and quickly jump out and halts us to the side of the road. What on earth the police do that? Here comes the police. "I don't need to explain why I stop you already," the police said. "Is it from the traffic light?" my mum said. "Yes. Lately there are accidents occured somewhere this area, so you must better becareful when driving. The speed limit here is 90km/h." Yeah!! Kena saman!! How much? In Malaysia, mou tat kheng...! (mean by No discounts) Here, 400 Baht for ticket to go pay inside Lopburi town. OMG!! Just go to the place and pay? What a waste of time... So my mum tells the police that we wanna go Bangkok from visiting grandma. So 200 Baht he says. Fly away 200 Baht!

When we reached Bangkok, there we meet Lung Wit. He is very kind. At first night we reach Bangkok, he brought us to original Suki restaurant, or steamboat.

The next thing after dinner is Lung Wit drive wrong lane and cuts into the lane which is going straight. Again we meet another police. This time he quickly settle the fines and drive away. 100 Baht for this offence. Total fines for that day was 300 Baht. Maybe that day was to make donation for the police who served to protect our community. LOL!

The next day, we go The Mall Ngam Wong Wan. We went bowling there. Yeah! I get to see the venue of the upcoming Thailand Open which will be held on April. My bro and I played 3 games there. Wow! I lost to my bro by 2 pins. Anyway, I told him next time we come here I will win you. Haha!

My bro's birthday falls on 3rd December. My aunt brought us to Tawandang Rama 3, which is the famous German Brew Beer. I didn't know that my dad had came here before.
So we first ordered fried rice with crab meat, sausages, spicy fish, and many more. While eating, we wait Lung Wit to come here. 9pm he arrives together with his son, Win and his friend. He bought for me and my bro a Polo T-shirt which costs 1250 Baht and 1300 Baht respectively. Wow! I could not even thank Lung Wit for buying this expensive shirt for me. That's the expensive gift I had received so far.

My bro's birthday party @ Tawandang

Audi R8 passing by... WOW!

The next night, Lung Wit brought us to Sanam Luang. That night is December 4, which is the eve of the King's birthday. (Father's day in Thailand)

So that's the end of my trip. It was really wonderful. And thanks for visiting and read my blog. Remember to leave some of your comments here. ^_^ (Ads please... thanks again)

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