28 December 2009

Sad News About The Bus Crash

Recently, the bus accident occured in Ipoh is a shocking moment all over Malaysia. The crash had killed 10 people on board. Coincidentally, 2 of them is the prefect boy's siblings from my ex high school. I felt sorry for his loss of his both siblings. Please be strong and be tough.

Bus drivers are more likely to be carrying big responsibility for driving the passengers. The passengers' lives depend on the driver itself. When I ride a bus to somewhere, sometimes the bus runs fast and sometimes quite slow. Everytime I sit on the bus, I feel unsafe at all. I can't even get some good rest on the bus because I have some fears on the driver's untrusted ability. Careless drivers should be banned from driving forever as they can be dangerous to the society.

All the happenings for this year has been a tough one for me to go through. Some are the happy moments and some are the sad moments. Well, the year 2010 should be a better one than this year. I hope everyone can always be happy and stay healthy. Good luck to all of you, especially to my special one of course. Hehe!

Happy New Year 2010!

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  1. well its sad tat so many lives hav been lost during bus accidents. =(